Deskovery: E-cabs (Executive transport limited)

ecabs2Having a central hub is crucial in the world of business, and a space that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week is just the ticket. This is exactly the case for Roy Bester– the man behind E-Cabs – an executive taxi company specialising in the business sector.

Despite being a relatively new company, they have big plans to expand. At present, they boast a total of five cars – a mixture of 4 and 6 seaters including 1 disabled cab – soon to be 2 as the next vehicle arrives in November.

So why Bourne House? Roy chose this set-up for a number of reasons –the on-tap necessities – running a modern-day firm would be impossible without electricity and WiFI. The security factor (Bourne House boasts a secured night gate, allowing employees to feel safe regardless of the hour), the spotless offices, the central location, and of course, the 24/7 access. Unlike the 9-5 workforce, a cab firm needs to be available at the drop of a hat.

So what makes them different to other firms on the island? With expertise in the business sector, E-Cabs pride themselves on catering to every requirement. From drivers wearing shirts and ties to confidentiality clauses signed by all who work for E-Cabs, discretion is paramount.


Punctuality is imperative, especially when you’re catering to those in the commercial area – be it a meet and greet at the airport, or taking another route to miss the gridlock in town.

E-cab’s island-wide service is open to both email and phone bookings and once a pick-up’s in the diary, it’s confirmed. Due to a demand for airport collections E-Cabs house an up-to-the-minute switchboard, boasting constant, live flight information – not just for Jersey, for a variety of locations.

For More Information or to book a car, call or email E-Cabs on: 01534 280280 /