Cosmetic Dental Group Launch Cosmetic Skin Clinic

Cosmetic Dental Group Launch Cosmetic Skin Clinic

The Cosmetic Dental Group, based at 9 David Place, St Helier has a well-earned reputation for their holistic approach to the care they offer patients. To this end they work in conjunction with a variety of other healthcare practitioners.


Part of this holistic approach has been the offering of injectable treatments for skin. For some time, Jeremy Willetts, partner, has offered injectables such as toxins for softening lines to complete smile designs for patients. He has however, always harboured a personal ambition to expand this part of the service for some time.  ‘I totally believe that treatments that increase the confidence of our patients is good for their overall well-being. Due to the success of my dental implant clinic I was simply unable to keep up with the demand for skin treatments. That has all changed now with Jayne Sproson joining us. Jayne owned an extremely successful aesthetic medicine clinic, based within her UK based cosmetic dental practice.  I am delighted that Jayne has introduced internationally renowned Medical Aesthetic Practitioner Deborah Forsythe, who has trained many plastic surgeons, GPs, dentists and nurses in the art and science of advanced non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments for skin.’ Jeremy explains.


In anticipation of the clinic’s success, Deborah was keen to find the right person to join her in offering solutions to address problems such as wrinkles, lack of volume and definition, poor pigmentation and acne.  Deborah’s first clinic in June is full already, so she is thrilled to have found the right skills in Mary O’Keeffe-Burgher.  Mary has been a Medical Aesthetic Practitioner on the island for the last five years and already has an established following in the Channel Islands.  “I like Mary’s approach.  She understands that less can be more, to achieve a natural enhancement.  Mary doesn’t just ‘chase a line’, by that I mean – spot a wrinkle and inject.  We need to have a proper assessment of the medical history; listen to the patients concerns and what can be realistically achieved.  We understand that sometimes what the patient thinks they require will not achieve the outcome they desire, but we have the skills and experience to offer so many alternatives to give them that confidence back” explains Deborah, who is the founding member of the International Institute of Aesthetic Medicine.


Deborah believes her specialism is actually World Peace not skin – “Our clinics are like confessionals and we know that if Mum is happy, the kids are happy and so then Dad is happy, as I say, we deal in World Peace!” she says. “On a more serious note, we of course guarantee confidentiality.  Nobody will know your secrets – everyone thinks you are visiting the dentist or hygienist.  The clinic time allocated ensures that you leave with post surgical makeup so there are no tell tale signs and payment arrangements mean you do not have to return to reception. Of course we offer confidence in our treatments and convenience in clinic opening times, but confidentiality is paramount.” Deborah adds.


The Cosmetic Skin Clinic has also considered the financial implications of ongoing maintenance – after all, you don’t expect to nip to the gym for a couple of sessions and the results stay forever, and this is exactly the same principle.  The great thing about non-surgical is that it is not permanent, however, once you have seen the dream team already hailed  as ‘The Jersey Lip Queens’, 98% of patients will never see anyone else and will want to keep up with treatments.  Unique to Jersey, the clinic have a reward system for loyal patients with their payment option through FACEplan.  Similar to their hugely successful Dental HealthPlan, patients agree a treatment programme and pay on a monthly basis, which gives privileged member discounts.






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