Reg Langlois: Reg’s Garden and everyone’s favourite grandpa

In our last edition, we introduced you to some COOL BEANS… Islanders who do selfless, community-driven stuff that makes Jersey a better place for everyone… In this edition, we caught up with Reg from the famous, award-winning public garden – aptly named Reg’s Garden. We also met up with Amy. Amy helps out at BSK and has recently found that she has a remarkable talent for writing banging movie reviews! Finally, our third cool bean/s are the Dom & Max, the chaps from Healing Waves… a fantastic local charity that works hard to bring watersport activities to people living with conditions, disabilities and mental health struggles… Give it up for these beautiful humans, otherwise known as Gallery’s ’Cool Beans’…

If Carlsberg made grandpas… then we could all have a Reg in our life! What a legend Reg is! He’s been bringing his open garden to life since 1995 and each year it just gets better and better. His dedication to bringing a smile to people’s faces as clear as day from the minute you meet him. What a joy!

We had the opportunity to meet Reg at his garden in St Brelade and were given the magical mystery tour through the blooming flowers, lush greenery and special little pockets of fun and imagination dotted around the vast space. Play areas, an armchair swing, the Madeira House, a terrapin sanctuary, the fairy garden and miniature zoo (complete with dinosaurs) and the endless beauty of it all.

If you go down to the garden today, you’ll be in for a good surprise… Every nook and cranny has been created with love and care. Reg does have a couple of helpers, and he lets a few plots to people who are either creative or trying to sell, as well as giving space to charities for free to make much needed money. (Last year charities raised in excess of £20k!). There’s a Garden Kitchen, a new BBQ offering and all manner of wonderful ways to whittle away an afternoon… Thanks to Reg, the garden is open all the time to visitors and access is easy throughout.

Reg takes great pleasure from his garden, moreover he seems to relish the fun it brings to others. His big, lighthearted energy and warmth is like sunshine and his effervescent personality is larger than life. Having inherited the plot from his father many moons ago, Reg continued the legacy of the campsite for thirty years and went on to create what you’ll find today… a bounty of beauty and bouquets of fun. Most of the timber and other materials are up-cycled from odds and sods that Reg and a helper find around the charity shops and from well-wishers who gift things like wood, fridges, pots and pans and all sorts of other lovely stuff. All of it put to good use and Reg sees opportunity where others might see something to throw away.

After hanging out with Reg, we want to say a huge thank you to him for his gorgeous non-stop community-driven spirit and the two poop emoji pillows he gifted us! Reg the ledge, you are a cool bean and we’re super glad to know you!

Check out Reg’s Garden on Facebook and find out about the upcoming events, BBQ and other magical stuff happening at the most famous garden out West.

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