Joella Agathangalou: Mindful mover

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When you’ve been cooped up in quarantine and your natural behaviour is well, pretty active, what else is a girl gonna do but come up with a kick-ass new dance class for people who wanna feel fabulous from the inside out? Joelle from Mind & Moves did just that, when last year she noticed a gap in the market for a dance class that would give her the things she wanted to get from a session, she studied and busted her butt building her business.

Joelle is an avid learner and she is especially interested in mindfulness as well as energy work and physical movement as therapy. With that, a lightbulb moment gave her the drive to create her own safe space in which she could include other like-minded people. She’d created her own classes back in London and worked for some prestigious places, taking care of famous kids and teaching them the fun (and discipline) of dance.

Mind & Moves is a dance class that emphasises empowerment and whilst this has mostly drawn women to the classes, guys join in too. Feeling empowered and working on your inner self through meditations, manifestations and opportunities for energy cleansing as well as dance and physical exercise. Mind & Moves is all these things and more.

“When the pandemic hit, I realised that the skills I had learnt through therapy and through my studies would be useful for others who were struggling. I started Mind & Moves to raise awareness and help fight the stigma around mental health. A place where people can feel safe to practice mindfulness, be accepted exactly as they are and lose themselves in dance without judgment. It’s a space for sensuality, body confidence and empowerment – some of our dancers are just starting out and others have been dancing for years. The vibe is the same for all!”

Joelle hopes that, once the dreaded Covid calms down, she’ll be able to take her Mind & Moves classes into schools. In the meantime, the various classes are all on her social media @mindandmoves. Go on, give it a try… shake what your Mumma gave ya. Bravo Joelle, we cant wait to see where you go with this fabulous idea!

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