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Andy Le Seelleur

This edition’s Cool Beans are all about health and wellness, resilience and empowerment. We are delighted to introduce you to two islanders who are making a difference and giving the community tangible ways to optimise wellbeing in a big way. Looking after our mental health has never seemed so important. As we bounce through what is a weird and worrying time, lots of us Jersey-folk are trying out new ways to stay happy and healthy. These two Cool Beans are serving up superb opportunities for us all to get involved, so give it up for, Andy Le Seelleur from Grow, a directive of Thrive and our girl power purveyor of female empowerment, Joella Agathangalou, creator of Mind & Moves.

Andy Le Seelleur : Thriving and growing

Andy Le Seelleur is selfless and committed to making this community a better place to live, work and play. From his own personal experience, his drive comes from an inner passion to help others and it’s actually contagious.

Andy is the sort of chap who gets things done and his dedication to this island’s wellbeing is something to be championed – we could all do with a bit of what Andy’s got. As one of the founders of Thrive, a collaboration of game-changers who are working toward establishing various directives in Jersey to bolster services and charities across a multitude of areas. Within Thrive, there are a number of people, businesses, objectives and bench-marks they want to support through community-based projects. GROW is one of these projects.

“GROW aims to make a fundamental change to how we address multiple social issues – not just nutritional deficit but also issues such as climate change, biodiversity, wellbeing, horticultural education and job creation. We have taken one of Jersey’s largest fields (5.5 acres) to ensure that we can make a bold statement of intent rather than a token gesture. By using Thrive’s overarching strategy of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we can ensure that GROW will intelligently interlink as many of the goals as possible, ensuring maximum community benefit across a range of issues.

We believe that everyone has the ability to make positive change and we are always looking for ideas, potential solutions and people passionate about joining Thrive.”

If you want to help the island and our islanders thrive and grow, you can email enquiries@thrive.je or call Andy Le Seelleur on 07797 758338. He’s a really top chap.

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