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FeaturesCommitment to the customer

Commitment to the customer

Despite on-going media reports of economic gloom, unsettled financial markets and concerns surrounding inflation, Barclays Wealth strategists believe that global economic growth will remain firmly positive. This more optimistic outlook held by Barclays Wealth is reflected in a continued commitment to provide clients with the best standards of service now and in the future. It is demonstrating this commitment through significant investment in property and technology in a full refurbishment of its Jersey branch in Library Place.

In an environment of economic uncertainty, islanders need the reassurance of having a local financial expert on hand coupled with efficient banking services to manage their money day-to-day and to understand how it can grow in the longer term. With sustained low interest rates, great for those looking to borrow but more challenging for savers, there is no better time to be well advised and re-assured. Barclays Wealth advisors operate to the highest standards, whether you are looking for investment advice or a mortgage and customers can access all of this support under one roof at this state of the art branch.

Customers want quick and easy access to their accounts with a friendly face and help close at hand when needed: automation with a personal touch. State of the art branch facilities provide this automation while conversations with advisors can take place in private areas where individual needs and concerns can be discussed.

Premier Banking clients benefit from their own entrance at the town centre branch, a place that provides a one-stop shop for all banking needs and access to their investment advisor.

The banking experience in the branch is made easier and more efficient for customers through the investment Barclays Wealth has made in modern counter technology, new personal banker pods and with dedicated interview space for the professional, mortgage advisors. These facilities will also provide access to online banking and the ability to carry out day-to-day transactions and retrieve bank statements from the past three months. To follow later in 2011 will be cash and cheque paying-in machines where customers can receive automated transaction receipts.

Saving time for the customer and providing them with what they want, when they want it, is crucial to the client experience and is a priority for Barclays Wealth.

Retail banking is stepping up to meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of customers with the implementation of automated systems where people can carry out day-to-day transactions such as making future-dated payments. However, there are still some customers that prefer human interaction.  It is this balance between automation and the personal touch that differentiates one retail bank from another. It is the realisation that in today’s economy, where people are faced with constant messages of doom and gloom, for many, it is the personal touch and access to those who are friendly, knowledgeable, patient and have customers’ interests at heart that sets those banking organisations apart.


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