Marketing Mashup '15

Marketing Mashup ’15

Photos from the Coca Cola Photo Bus. See the rest here.

If you arrived at the Royal Yacht on Friday for a night out you may have wondered whether they’d changed the dress code as over 100 men in black tie and ladies dressed with dresses slightly more glamorous and marginally longer and usual filled the venue.  After a last minute move from the Opera House, the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s CI branch held its annual CIM Jersey Awards in The Drift with the hotel embracing the Channel Islands’ marketing community . Presented by former CITV presenter Murray Dron, the ceremony saw recognition for marketing teams from a cross section of Channel Island industries.

Following the champagne on arrival action, sponsor Coca Cola gave everyone an extra sugar kick, having painted the venue red with classic bottles in each place setting. The free drinks were in recognition of the iconic pop culture icon’s 30th anniversary and stripey straws that looked like they’d jumped straight out of Happy Days were seen at everyones lips.  The room lent itself pretty well to an informal awards night as people congregated in designated areas rather than the big round tables of old witnessed at previous ceremonies at the Hotel de France.

For the first time the event became a pan island affair with so many teams flying in from Guernsey that the airlines struggled to meet remands, selling out way in advance. Fortunately Condor, shortlisted on the night, took some of the slack. Whilst It was great to see  Guernsey was well represented with agencies LR&D, Orchard and Sweet PR flying over to join the Guernsey based, pan island reaching BWI, Oi,TPA and Potting Shed.

Here’s how it went down;

Best Brand Campaign


Condor Ferries – ‘Name our New Ship’ Competition
ELIAN – Ogier Fiduciary Services re-brand to ELIAN
This is EPIC – 7in7 Challenge
Healthhaus – Taking Fitness Personally

Winner: Healthhaus – Taking Fitness Personally

What the judges said;

The judges were impressed by the exceptionally clear and smart objectives, robust planning, clear development stage by stage. A strong evidence based approach to the brand strategy development, thinking through everything from POS to interior design, above and below the line products, branding, colours etc.   Excellent differentiation strategy. Really beautiful design work with intrinsic values permeating all aspects of the design. A very clear understanding of the competition – and an ability through the design to really stand out from the pack.

Exceptionally clear value proposition   “If I lived in the CI I would want to join this gym”.  This campaign found out who its target market was and delivered a campaign that was completed centred around them as demonstrated in their outcomes.



Best Use of Media


JT Group – Jersey Live ‘Get in FREE with JT’
Natwest – The NatWest ‘Open for Business’ Campaign
Dorey Financial Modelling – Shedding Light
Jersey Business – Jersey Business Expertise. Shared.
Seymour Hotels – Win a Jersey Cow
Healthhaus – Taking fitness personally

Winner: Jersey Business – Jersey Business Expertise. Shared.

What the judges said;

The judges complimented this entry on a wide range of attributes, including the very clear, concise and targeted objectives, the very clear and successful methods to get to the business community, especially the clarity and targeting of the radio advert.  Excellent, clear measureable results, which demonstrate the value of spending time on research, evidence based planning and taking those insights into the implementation phase. Exceptional results.  Very clear, inspiring customer value proposition and useful contacts for business.  Come to help, come for ideas, come for friendship and networking.  “I would join if my business was based in the CI”.  Well done, this is an excellent example of the use of media.

 Best Use of PR


  • Sweet PR – Generali Worldwide’s sponsorship of the Guernsey Island Games Association
  • Orchard PR – StartUp Guernsey: Global Entrepreneurship Week
  • St John Ambulance – In my spare time I save lives
Winner: St John Ambulance – In my spare time I save lives

What the judges said;

This winning submission demonstrated clear smart objectives, all with measureable outcomes. Exceptional planning, research and use of evidence to then build a very clear campaign that directly responds to the very specific briefing given by the client. The campaign was delivered across many different platforms and the development was detailed and thorough – and creative – at every stage and in every arena. All the objectives were either exceeded or met.

Central to this was its sustainability and complimenting the overall communications mix already in use.  Brilliant.  An inspiring campaign.  “Can I join the St John’s Ambulance?”

 International Marketing Award


  • EY Gibraltar – The power of words: A new chapter for EY in Gibraltar
  • Minerva Trust & Corporate Services Limited – Female Focus
  • ELIAN – Ogier Fiduciary Services re-brand to ELIAN
  • HSBC Expat – A Different Perspective: Expat Life
  • Jersey Finance Limited – A World of Opportunity
  • Insight Vacations – Insight Gold Brand Ambassador
  • ORCHID – ORCHID: Exporting Brilliance
  • Seymour Hotels – Win a Jersey Cow
 Winner: HSBC Expat – A Different Perspective: Expat Life

What the judges said;

The judges this year commented on a very clear plan, backed by a lot of research and insight to ensure the plan was carefully targeting this large audience.  There was evidence of a very impressive clear, concise and targeted implementation. “I was especially impressed with the use of ‘difference’ and ‘similarity’ throughout the creative campaign and in its implementation”. Relentless, consistent messaging based on true insight. Lovely comms especially the video. Particularly impressive use of internal market testing before launch. The increased goodwill and passion for the brand and the service – and an increase in customer acquisition, demonstrate good ROI.

Best Integrated Marketing Campaign


  • ELIAN – Elian’s launch of ID Check
  • States of Jersey Police – Don’t Let Their Story Be Yours
  • Aurigny – The Kids Campaign
  • TPA and Sweet PR – Check Your Balls, Male Uprising Guernsey
  • Insight Vacations – Insight Gold Brand Ambassador
  • This is EPIC – 7in7 Challenge
  • C.I. Travel Group – Fly Direct from the Channel Islands
  • Healthhaus – Taking fitness personally
  • The C5 Alliance Group – The Journey: Becoming the C5 Group
Winner: Healthhaus – Taking fitness personally

What the judges said;

This entry demonstrated an excellent multi channel approach to saturate the market in terms of share of voice. Exceptional implementation, using a huge variety of methods and channels, but all very clearly tied back to their objectives and key markets.  Some channels worked better than others. Execution was sophisticated and branding lovely. The message was consistent, targeted and clear. Very effective measurement, against very clear objectives, resulting in highly successful outcomes. The business has a wonderful concept behind it. Perfect for the market it targets.

Marketing Team of the Year

  • Oi – Oi’s Brand New Thinking


Marketing Achievement on a Small Budget

  • White Rock Brewery – White Rock Brewery Launch Campaign
  • Crimestoppers Jersey – Crimestoppers Jersey
  • RBS International – Customer Centricity: Visual Cognisance Campaign
  • This is EPIC – 7in7 Challenge
  • Seymour Hotels – Win a Jersey Cow
Winner: White Rock Brewery – White Rock Brewery Launch Campaign

What the judges said;

The White Rock Brewery campaign demonstrated exceptionally clear and measurable objectives, a very clear plan, very strategic and also very focused – a delighted to read.  It was exciting and stimulating. The campaign benefitted from exceptional implementation with high overall marketing values and exceptionally creative design.  A good mix of channel and media usage good use of social media. A small investment resulted in a campaign worthy of a much bigger budget. The project management of this campaign deserves a special mention.  A lot was achieved with very limited resource.

Sustained Marketing Achievement Award


  • JT Group – Jersey Live ‘Get in FREE with JT’
  • HSBC Expat – A Different Perspective: Expat Life
  • Jersey Heritage – Jersey Heritage
Winner: Jersey Heritage – Jersey Heritage

What the judges said;

The judges commented on this submission’s very clear objectives, all measurable and smart. A very clear campaign that changed and developed over the years according to customer needs and insight. Lovely branding especially the scrapbook suite. Consistent messaging and sensitive use of media. The ability to continue to drive the market in a depressed economy is especially laudable. Performance measurement was very clear and measurable, with evidence submitted against each area. The investment and the outcomes speak for themselves.  This campaign delivered year on year, it is very clearly worthy of the sustained marketing title.

The Healthhaus team

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