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ChefSpeak: Decadent Dishes

Dining out is a pleasure, a luxury. For many it is a small slice of luxury that is achievable, every once in a while we treat ourselves to a superb dining experience from our many beautiful restaurants and talented chefs. But there’s always a way to step up the exuberance, a way to out-flash and over-indulge even the most pleasant of dining experiences. We asked our foodie friends: 

“If money was no object, what decadent dish would you create?”

Paul Dufty
I would have a Sirloin of Kobe beef, fresh Morel mushrooms and asparagus, served with a bottle of vintage Bordeaux. A 1982 Chateaux Latour would probably do!

Danny Moisin 
My Jersey seabass chilli tamarind jam served on a naked supermodel in a golden chariot pulled by the 1970 world cup winning Brazillian footy squad!

Richard Allen 
Grand Jersey
The most decadent food for me to make would be some of the stunning chocolate work by Oriol Balaguer, a Spanish pattisserie genuis!

Marcus Calvani
La Cantina
As decadence is ‘a luxurious self-indulgence’, this one’s for me… Right? It would have to involve oysters & langoustine in a Champagne & Jersey-cream sauce, followed by fresh porcini mushrooms & white truffles from Alba, maybe with a beautiful fillet of Jersey beef reared in a ‘Kobe’ style using Liberation Ale! To finish it off, our La Cantina rosemary-scented dark chocolate torte with whipped mascarpone cream…. Yes, that’ll do nicely!

Natalie Duffy 
Salty Dog
Ahh decadence, an indulgence rarely discussed openly in these austere times! However, if we were to allow our fantasies to run wild, it would be an all encompassing decadent dining experience teasing all our senses to make it truly fabulous, so here goes, picture this…
Yacht anchored up on a shallow white sandy Caribbean beach, a long table informally but beautifully set in the shade of a palm tree for a party of BFF’s, a really good funky local reggae band, a few of bottles of ice cold Cristal to start, then, Bay of Biscay oysters au naturel & Dublin Bay Prawns with a Mexican horseradish salsa, followed by the ultimate surf and turf  barbecue of Jersey lobster and Japanese Wagyu beef fillet accompanied by Damon’s chilli garlic coriander sauce and chunky chips washed down with a few bottles Petrus. To sweeten the palate before the party kicks off in earnest, Captain Morgan laced barbecued chocolate banana with chantilly. It all starts to get a bit blurry after that!
Oh and some Alka Seltzer.

Steve Walker 
Sirrocco at The Royal Yacht
If money was no object, I would like to create a dessert made of Domori sur de Lago 70% chocolate and salted caramel. The dessert would be layered vanilla and banana mousse with coconut daquaise covered in Domouri chocolate ganash with sugared cashew nuts and salted caramel ice cream decorated with 18 carat Gold Leaf. This would tick all the decadent boxes, and it would definately be a decadent price!

Shaun Rankin
A decadent breakfast, perhaps scrambled duck eggs with white truffles on toasted malt bread.

Peter ONeill
OH!Cafebar, Jersey Opera House
Money is always an issue for a non-profit organisation so dreaming of decadent dishes in OH! Cafébar kitchen isn’t an option! To be honest, I’m ok with that as I really enjoy working with traditional ingredients to create good homemade, tasty food. Nothing too flashy but always delicious!

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