FeaturesChef Profile: Trevor Howard

Chef Profile: Trevor Howard

Bursting with freshness and flavour, each dish boasts a fusion of taste-tantalising components – it’s no wonder he’s well on the way to earning himself a firm following of gourmand fans, especially with a constantly evolving menu (mostly based on seasonal produce and whatever catches Trevor’s eye at the local market).

From Jersey rock oysters to melt in the mouth slow cooked beef ribs, to pannacotta “soup” with strawberries, the menu boasts an extensive selection of authentic, modern British food – largely focused on the concept of sharing, allowing each party to try several different dishes at one time. How you put it together is up to you.

Of course, the chef’s food and skill play the most important part in a restaurant’s success and thankfully, Trevor has plenty of knowledge to his name. Having worked under the watchful eye of Jamie Oliver, Andrew Parkinson and Jonathan Rotheram to name but a few for some 11 years at the renowned restaurant Fifteen, he’s now classed as part of the family. As with Fifteen he’ll be offering a similar style of apprenticeship programme, training up students and working alongside budding chefs from Jersey’s Back to Work scheme. Using his talents, he has transformed Mash! into a home of quality ingredients, a thriving environment and all in all, a great experience.

With his new position as Executive Chef at both Mash! and Murray’s, owned by the husband & wife team of Murray & Anna Norton, Trevor certainly has his work cut out. Regardless of this, he’s intent on bringing something new to the island, working with Jersey’s famed ingredients and fresh produce – Murray’s is soon to be transformed into a thriving Italian delicatessen, where the service and quality will equally match the chic and timeless interior – it’s all about people and soul. From installing a herb garden in his kitchen, to formatting the idea of his own beehive, whilst also talking to local suppliers when it comes to growing his own lines, he’s certainly keen to experiment with new flavours.

Dining should be a treat, an experience and a luxury and I’m sure anyone that acquaints either Mash! or Murray’s will walk in and feel instantly inspired by the place. This is a set of restaurants run by a team of people who truly believe in what they do, and the best bit, everything is reasonably priced!

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