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Broadband boost

Watch what you want, when you want without having to wait, thanks to the new faster broadband available from Jersey Telecom Group.
Faster broadband will enable more islanders to download music tracks in just a couple of seconds, and high definition videos and YouTube content will be downloaded far quicker and appear much smoother. With a quicker broadband connection it is also easier for different members of one family to use the internet at the same time without compromising their experience.
Following a substantial programme of investment in the Island’s infrastructure the JTG network will now be able to make speeds of up to 20Mb much more widely available.  The Group estimates that approximately 25% of households will be able to achieve between 15Mb – 20Mb from this month.  As well as being made available to customers of JT’s Retail division, these speeds will also be provided to wholesale partners Sure and Newtel, for onward sale to their customers.
Delivering much faster broadband comes under the Gigabit Isles theme which sets the target of bringing the world’s fastest internet access to islanders.   Graeme Millar CEO of the Jersey Telecom Group said: “This Christmas we will be making broadband speeds of up to 20Mb available to Islanders, meaning another key milestone in our continuing programme of network improvements has been reached – and we’re not stopping there. Islanders will be hearing more and more of this type of announcement in the coming months, as the considerable investment which JTG has made in the Island’s infrastructure is realised. By 2012 more than half of local households will be able to achieve between 15 & 20Mb speeds. In terms of core network technology, our ongoing investment will put the Jersey between ten and fifteen years ahead of the UK by 2012.
“The way our customers are using the Internet is changing fast, and they want ever quicker broadband speeds in order to meet those needs. This is where Gigabit Isles fits in – it is our commitment to improve, it is a statement of intent, and it is a promise to continually invest in Jersey’s network infrastructure in order to meet our customers’ needs”.
Prices for higher broadband speeds will be announced soon, at which point customers wanting to see if their connection can be upgraded will be able to contact Jersey Telecom for more details.

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