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He?s back. Arnold Schwarzenegger has been waiting for a windy day this month so he could get blown off down at St Brelade?s bay whilst trying his hand at Blo-karting.

Okay, so maybe not ?Blo-karting? as such ? just to clear this up, Blo-kart is a brand name associated with the sport ?land yachting? and the land-yacht used for the purposes of this investigation was an ?X-Sail?.

My stay in Jersey was a little longer this time, having arrived earlier in the week to begin my investigation but being told that there was bad wind. Nobody likes bad wind. So when I finally got the chance to get down to St Brelade?s Bay to try this out I was more than just a little eager. But Arnie, what IS a blo-kart? I hear you say? Imagine a three-wheeled buggy / windsurfer hybrid. Or just look at the pictures on this page if you?re not too imaginative.

Slightly ominously, one of the karts blew over in the wind whilst we were being briefed just as Chester, our instructor showed us the course set-out and explained where we would most likely tip if we weren?t careful. Although a little apprehensive, with a swift push I was on my way.

?Pull the cord tighter if you want to go faster, let it out for the corners or if you lift a wheel and just ride the wind? we were told, so feeling particularly macho I tugged on the rope between my legs as hard as I could ? these things pick up fast! Heading swiftly toward the sea and with no brakes I steered in for the first corner, the front wheel sliding out, the wind leaving the sails and bam. Nothing. This isn?t so easy after all.

After realising that letting the sail out to catch the wind is the key (my sailing skills are as good as non-existent and the mention of ?tacking? during the briefing did cause concern) the wind gusted and started the wheels rolling once again. It?s all too easy to pull too tightly on the cord and end up stopping if the wind isn?t on your side but after a few laps you learn to overcome this ? it really is that easy to get the hang of.

After a while it becomes a game to see how far you can travel on only two wheels and how fast you can slide around the corners. Inevitably I managed to tip over but with a little help was back on three wheels in no time with no injuries even though my curiously oversized head was too large for a helmet. Why wear one anyway, I?m the terminator.

A lot less complicated than sailing and far easier to pick up, Blo-karting comes highly recommended and at £15 for half an hour it won?t hurt your wallet either ? get yourself down to Surf & Sun Watersports in St. Brelade?s bay or call Chester Mackey on 07797 736411 to find out more.

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