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Nothing quite says ‘you’ve arrived’ than stepping into your destination from the door of your very own executive jet.

Whether you own it, lease it or have just chartered it, all that matters is that you turn up aboard it. Of course, travelling in an aircraft chartered specifically for you isn’t necessarily exclusively about the status it affords in modern society; although for those who feel so inclined to afford an air of pretense even for one day, the opportunity is always available.

Whether or not you are simply a reveller, or somebody who requires the ease, convenience and privacy of executive jets, then as the exclusive holder of an Air Operators’ Certificate for the operation of executive jets in the Channel Islands you’ll be needing to speak to Aviation Beauport.

Should either of their two Cessna Citation Excel aircraft be either a little on the large side or not quite grand enough, fear not, the rest of their fleet fill the gaps perfectly…

Cessna Citation Mustang C510
Whether the economic downturn has somewhat hampered your lifestyle, you’re striving to convince your sceptical colleagues that you are in fact NOT receiving a six-figure bonus this year, or you have the environmental impact of air travel niggling at your conscience but still require the ease and convenience of your very own jet propelled transport, the Mustang will be right up your sky-high highway.
Compact, light and fast, the Mustang not only costs less to run but is inherently greener, and let’s face it – most executive jets in their nature contain less than a fifth of the number of seats when compared to commercial passenger aircraft. With a range of 1100 nautical miles, you could be enjoying destinations such as Reykjavik in Iceland in a little over three and a half hours, Rome in two, Geneva or the Med in one and a half or even the Algarve in less than three hours  – direct from Jersey. Inside you’re greeted by four snug yet sumptuous seats trimmed in leather perfect for relaxing or conducting business whilst you hop over the Channel in the comfort of this brand new light jet aircraft.

Dassault Falcon 2000EX
Those who can, should, and if you need to go farther in one hit this graceful bird can transport you a gargantuan 4000 nautical miles – enough to see you arriving in Dubai or the US East Coast uninterrupted. Cruising at an altitude of 45,000 feet, you could be touching down and stepping out onto terra firma in the Big Apple in around a minor matter of six and a half hours without having to face seemingly endless queues, be beleaguered by security, or stop off or transfer at any other airport. Bliss.

Why not hone your time-travelling ability by taking the time to enjoy an evening meal locally, before stepping aboard, affording some R&R compliments of the seats that recline into beds before touching down in New York just in time for dinner? All over again.

Opulence is omnipresent in the Falcon, from gold embellished walnut trim to the leather armchairs you’ll sink into as you glide over the clouds, all the way down to the contrasting leather trimmed loo seat cover that allows you to lord over your important business from your very own throne, should you wish!

Catering on board can be supplied upon request, and there’s more than enough room to swallow up even your entourage’s worldly goods as you fly owing to generous storage areas both below deck and accessible from within the cabin to the rear.

The recent addition of retro-fitted winglets to this particular aircraft not only raises the cruising speed, in turn improving efficiency, but also improves stability and handling, which I’m told that from a pilot’s point of view is probably the best feature of the Falcon, owing to its military heritage as Dassault, the manufacturer, also produce the popular Mirage and Rafale fighter jets.

Expect to be flying within only two hours of booking for flights within the EU, but expect to give three days’ notice to allow for diplomatic clearance should your intended destination be say, Abu Dhabi.

If you’re a successful Trustafarian, Dot-com millionaire or property mogul and already have your very own aircraft, Aviation Beauport also act as handling agents and offer aircraft management. They can supply crew and provide operational support whilst consolidating the costs, all of which are audited and queried where necessary which will take a weight off your mind whilst also providing a return on your investment by way of chartering your aircraft when you don’t require its use.

As handling agents they collect landing fees, offer parking, provision for taxis, hotel booking, catering, everything right down to arranging newspapers for both clients and visiting crew, who can relax in the comfort of Aviation Beauport’s fetching 50’s inspired lounge. There’s even a Smart car ready for use should the crew wish to get out and about – all that’s missing is the kitchen sink!

Aviation Beauport can be contacted directly by calling
(01534) 496 496, or by visiting www.aviationbeauport.com


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