beauty news flash

beauty news flash

The Grand Hotel Spa

Jersey is fast becoming one of the top destinations for world class spa breaks, and The Grand has just become the latest in a line of top five-star spas to launch in Jersey.

The style-focused Elemis Spa features six state of the art treatment rooms (two of which are double bed VIP suites), high tech gymnasium, spa bath, steam room, sauna, experience showers, heated indoor swimming pool and a heavenly relaxation room. The Grand will also become the only hotel on the island to offer ghd spa ? the world?s first spa treatments for the hair and scalp, as well as an ultra glamorous yet practical addition to the room service menu – the ?ghd Butler Service? ? which gives guests the unique opportunity to ring down to the concierge desk when having a bad hair day.

Snake Venom used in anti aging!

Syence Skin Care Laboratories have developed Skin Venom an anti wrinkle formula which contains a mirror ingredient to actual Snake Venom. Snake Venom is known for it?s paralyzing properties, and when Skin Venom is applied it changes your skin?s memory as it is forced to use different muscles to frown and smile, preventing any further damage to existing lines and wrinkles.
Availible at Harrods in 2009

Les Roches Spa New Reiki Treatment

I had heard lots about Reiki so I was excited to try it out. Reiki is a spiritual practice which involves the practitioner channeling healing energy through their palms.  I was quite sceptical, as I think a lot of people are about ?alternative treatments? . However I went in with a open mind, ready to embrace the experience.
I was really surprised how much I got from the treatment. I found Reiki deeply relaxing, and it was a really good way to draw my focus inwards so that I could really work out the root of my injuries and problems, allowing me to really start the healing process.
Reiki Master Jill Robinson will be availible on Tuesdays to perform Reiki on those lucky enough to snap up one of her limited appointments. Call 487856

Feel the burn!

Curves is the largest fitness franchise in the world with 10,000 locations worldwide and it is about to be launched in Jersey! Hurrah! It?s the first fitness and weight loss facility dedicated to providing affordable, one-stop exercise and nutritional information for women. It is ideal for women with a busy schedule; a Curves Workout can burn up to 500 calories in just 30 minutes and there are free Curves trainers on hand to guide and motivate you during each workout.
Visit for more information

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