Baoli Hair & Beauty at The Hotel de France



For this transformation Lionel Billet, the owner of Baoli Salon, was inspired by the new trend of elite New York and Parisian apartment style salons.

To create this wow-factor look he drew from his years of experience and predilection for only the best and the results are amazing. With its chic, silver wallpaper from cool British company Designer Guild and wow-factor vivid lime furniture from luxury brand REM Lionel has managed to create a striking sophisticated space for his cleints to relax.

Baoli was actually the first salon in Jersey to have massaging chairs, and staying ahead of the crowds again they have just invested in the latest state of the art ‘First Class’ massaging chairs to ensure their clients are truely pampered!

There is even a cool little coffee bar where clients can order food and drink from the hotel’s room service.

This new atmosphere perfectly complements the Beauty Salon managed by Frances whose area was renovated a few years ago

To book an appointment or to find out more call Baoli Hair & Beauty at The Hotel de France on 758144 or visit