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Anna-Louise Shipley and Karen Le Roy Harris are local artists who are joining forces…
Anna?s (she?s the one standing on Karen?s back) work revolves around making drawings, prints and experimenting with other methods and materials that form a social commentary on our community, British culture and the insanity of humanity (Her words, not ours!). Before re-settling on the island and hanging  her ?3×3? and ?A tragedy of the Abel? exhibitions earlier this year she spent a while exploring the world, having completing her BA (Hons) Fine Art Degree.
Karen has also recently returned to Jersey following her studies in Drawing & Applied Arts and a Masters Degree in Fine Art Research along with a year of travelling with her new husband and has kept herself busy creating drawings and paintings for ?Fleshy Gestures?, her upcoming exhibition at the Jersey Arts Centre?s Berni Gallery opening on Monday 13th October.
Anna and Karen have decided to organise a series of free workshops this October as part of ?The Big Draw?, the national campaign for drawing which runs each October throughout the UK. Anything you want to know about ?The Big Draw? can be found on their website, but to sum everything up, it?s all about getting people to draw. Using the existing surfaces of building facades, pavements and beaches together with materials like chalk, charcoal and even sticks, the focus of the workshops will be on the activity itself and having fun instead of the final results so don?t worry if you don?t think you?d be any good – grab some chalk and make an impression!

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