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All Decked Out

PRODUCTION & WORDS : Jenna Wilkinson

CLOTHES :Available from Madhatter Surf Shop

Rosie Evans is 22 years old, born in Jersey, and working as a metal works painter at Rylance Iron Works. She has grown up in an extremely creative family, all of whom share the same love for art, music and board sports. Growing up, Rosie and her two brothers would be entertained by their Mum, from walking and exploring the great outdoors to drawing and painting or making music, while their dad would get them in the ocean, surfing as much as he could, so it’s obvious where Rosie gets her creative streak and passion for life!


Meet Jasmin Taylor! She is 20 years old and currently working in the radiology department at our local hospital here in Jersey. We met up at the beginning of October to have a chat and take some stunning images of her doing her thing. As well as clearly being a talented skater (even if it has only been a matter on months since she started!) Jasmin is also rather crafty, making dream catchers for her friends, mostly as gifts for when they venture off to study or travel.



We sat down and spoke to Sally Welburn about her gorgeous new-found skill and small business. Sally is 26 and from North Devon, but she moved to Jersey last summer to work as a primary school teacher. During Lockdown she used her passion for surfing to ignite a creative spark and make some incredibly gorgeous boardbags!


Epic location, epic produce and an epic woman, this meet up was a real treat for us! We headed over to the super-cool Nina Blake’s tomato farm to find out a little more about what they do up there and what tasty treats they make with their gorgeous, organic veg! If you are a part of the surfing community, then you will already know that the whole Blake family are surfing legends over here!


Introducing Laetitia Green, or better known to her friends as Tish. Jersey born, 20 years old, and between two jobs, this girl still finds time to fit her skateboarding and creative passion in. Tish took up skateboarding during lockdown, after a friend gifted her an old deck; off to the skate park they went and she acquired an instant love for the sport and group of the new friends to support her and, well, the rest is history.


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