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1. GREVE DE LECQ IS ONE OF Jersey’s most famous and beloved beaches, with holiday goers, locals and seagulls alike flocking to the sloping sands every day in the summer months. However, away from the idyllic peace of the beach, you can find The Octopus Pool, a place so perfectly formed for action it seems man-made. With numerous cliff-jumps, ranging from the laughable height of “Rhino” to the downright insanity of “Vertigo”, anybody can take part and feel the adrenaline rush you get from that infamous activity, tombstoning. Even for those who don’t fancy throwing themselves off giant rocks, the journey to the Pool is packed with enough action and danger to reduce even the best man to a quivering wreck (we’re looking at you Bear).  Take the footpaths and you’ll encounter a treacherous rope climb to even enter the overgrown wood that takes you to the steep, winding cliff path down to the rocky climb down. If you’re one of the brave, or stupid, that decide to paddle round from the beach, be prepared to dodge rocks and waves and battle the tide. But don’t listen to me, take action and make the worthwhile trip yourself!

To book a coasteering day on the island,

visit www.purejersey.com/activities/coasteering or call:

769165 or 07700 777 006


are a place I remember well from when I was younger. Not because I was particularly good at mountain biking, but because it was the first place I learnt that gravity can be a curse. However, after the many grazed knees and ripped shirts, the short track still sticks in my mind as a great place for some terrifying fun. Although not the biggest jumps on the island, and by no stretch of the imagination the most dangerous, St John is  a fantastic place to start, and when you’re a small young upstart in the biking world, as we were, those dusty mounds really are daunting! If you’re considering starting out in the biking world, Mark Pickfords Cycle Shop sells everything you need.

Visit him in store or at



“The sea is the universal sewer”. Jaques Cousteau never visited The East of Jersey. I myself rarely make the perilous journey to this side of the island, and for that reason, St. Clements, Grouville and St Martin all gain themselves a spot in this action issue. A drive on the eastern coast road opens your eyes to a wider culture in Jersey, swapping the golden sands, cheery locals and warm, friendly atmosphere of the west for the rocky beaches, cold stares and the unshakable sense of xenophobia against anyone from a parish west of Trinity (hypocritical i know, given the nature of this piece, but true nonetheless). Anyone willing to travel to these parts really must love an adventure, from looming towers that closely resemble the setting for a post-apocolyptic remake of Attack The Block to beaches that conjure the image of Middle Earth in the mind, action waits around every corner and rock in the east.

Dig deep, however, and you will find some gems along the seemingly lifeless east coast. The annual Gorey Fête provides fun and action for all, with the vomit inducing spaghetti eating contest and the nigh-on death defying yard of ale. For the kids, there are also amusement park rides set up along the pier. For the sporty type, Archirondel and St Catherine’s woods are challenging and exhilarating when tackled on a mountain bike, as long as you enjoy a good walk back up to the top. Nobody can help you when you pass through the tunnel, abandon all hope.


park, located in the marina in St Helier, has been the object of debate and the setting for a Quadrophenia-esque gang war since it’s opening in 2008. However, if you are able to ignore the cold, heartless stares between the scooter-users and the skaters, the park can be a fantastic place to develop skills on almost any form of non motorised vehicle. Even if you’re just starting to learn, the more experienced amongst the crowd can provide some action and entertainment, whether it be through their tricks, or their outbursts of unparalleled rage when failing to land said tricks.

For anyone that skates on the island, The Skate Shop is ideal for any gear.

Call them on 870915, or drop in at 7 Parade Arcade, The Parade, St Helier, JE2 3QP


5. THE JERSEY MOTORCYCLE & Light Car Club’s annual hill climb events attract motor enthusiasts from all over the UK, coming to look at the islanders’ collections of classic and modern motors. Admittedly, old cars, burger vans and a congregation of older gentlemen is not everyone’s idea of a thrilling weekend, but nobody can deny that waiting with baited breath to see that one big crash provides enough excitement to make up for it. We all know it’s coming, the action comes in finding the right corner.

For those who don’t feel they can tackle the long treks uphill in the heat of the day, there are the night-time sprints on Victoria Avenue. Here, the real speed demons come out to show what their cars are made of as they fulfill every teenager’s dream of speeding on an empty road with no worry of the police stopping you.

If you want to get involved in the action of motorsport, sign up to the events by downloading one of the entry forms at:


6. THERE’S NO SHORTAGE OF action happening every day on Jersey’s most popular beach, St Brelade’s Bay. Everywhere you look, there are small or large companies providing people of all ages with exciting or relaxing activities in the water. Who hasn’t been to a party that included Banana Boating or getting in the doughnuts? Tide permitting, you can find almost any kind of water sport action somewhere on the Bay, and even when the reliable Jersey tide covers the beach, the surfers come out to play in the swell. It really is the perfect place for those fishing for excitement in the sea, and on a day with even a solitary ray of sunshine, there is enough action trying to find enough space to lay a towel that you’ll be too worn out to even make it to the shore.

If you’d like to try out some of the activities on offer or to find out more visit


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