Abstracting Nature


I have just completed my degree in Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design at Leeds College of Art , having previously studied Art foundation at Highlands College.

My final collection this year was based under the concept of Abstracting Nature in which I have produced a range of wallpapers and furnishing fabrics.

I am constantly inspired by natural textural forms found within the environment, from the repetitive shapes that hang from tree?s to the intrinsic network of veins found within leaves. I am intrigued by the the cycle of wild plants that arise for only a small amount of time each year. My designs aim to encapsulate the beauty of the smaller details in nature with the ultimate goal of bringing the outside in , in a new and contemporary fashion.
Drawing is part of the print process for me and it is integral to cementing the abstraction of my design; drawing is the layering, and playing with lines and shapes on the screen. I feel the most simple of shapes can come alive when the right mix of colours is used. What attracts me to colour is is ability to evoke a certain feeling. Within my designs I explore the boundaries of combining computer aided design and the artist’s hand. I am constantly striving to maintain a harmony between the two that enhance and preserve the properties of the materials that I work with. My work is all about creating a beautiful and vibrant aesthetic.
I feel this unique chance to show at the Berni Gallery will be an excellent opportunity to show case my designs a new graduate to my home town.