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A Grand Time

Lifesaving back treatment.

Now that the kids are back at school it is the perfect time to indulge in a little pampering.


I arrived early for my treatment because I wanted to take advantage of The Spa at Grand Jersey’s luxury facilities. I started with  dip in their chic underground pool then moved to the jacuzzi where I just lay back and properly unwound. It was utter bliss. Half an hour before my treatment I popped for one of their Caribbean rain experience showers then headed to their boudoir style relaxation room for some herbal teas.

I grabbed the latest copy of Vogue which I hadn’t been able to even take a peek at with the hectic summer I’d had and sank back onto one of their relaxation couches in my fluffy black robe and as I sipped the hot tea I felt the stressful tension I was holding slip away.
My massage therapist Chloe came through to collect me and lead me to their treatment rooms, I was really impressed by how beautifully the whole spa was decorated with deep pinks and warm cream colours.
The treatment started with Chloe tailoring everything to my specific needs, so it was a bespoke treatment all the way down to the smell of the aromatherapy massage oils she was going to use.

First Chloe used a deep cleanser followed by body brushing and exfoliation to help stimulate circulation and cell renewal followed this was then followed by a heavenly aromatherapy massage. I couldn’t recall I time I had ever felt more pampered and truly relaxed. Chloe used an energizing body oil for the massage which had a lovely light citrus scent; it contained mountain pepper and lavender to purify my skin and invigorating eucalyptus and rosemary to boost my mood.
After the massage was the purifying body mask, using my individually chosen essential oils combined with warmed Marine Mud. While this did it’s magic Chloe gave me a calming lower leg massage which alleviated the ‘heavy tired leg’ sensation I’d been experiencing over the last few days.

After the treatment I opted to go ba ck into the relaxation room so I could steal a few more minutes of this blissful time from my normally chaotic schedule.
The Spa at Grand Jersey uses ESPA products whose philosophy states “we believe, as our world increases in speed, there is a powerful and deep need to stop, consider and rediscover our natural balance. It is this belief that led to ESPA. We are committed to creating products and treatments that really work”. I’d loved the treatment so much that I brought thei r Essential Moisturising Balm which is nutrient-rich and boosts cell regeneration; I’d found it so sublimely soothing on my legs that I wanted to be able to have some ready at home to soothe on  after a long day on my feet.
As I left I felt refreshed, renewed and ready to tackle the  week ahead.


Lifesaving Back Treatment 55mins, £58,
to book call The Grand Hotel Spa 288450

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