A Casual Affair

A Casual Affair

It’s been some time since the brasserie Dix Neuf on Halkett Place became Hugo’s. Despite having only had the chance to visit a handful of times I’m always pleased to see the way it’s been developed. A considered yet rustic industrial interior gives the sort of atmosphere you’d expect in newly gentrified districts of London or New York. Yes, in Jersey.

As you’d expect of somewhere marketing itself as a coffee stop right through to group dinner venue, the menu is extensive. The Candle lit dinner for two jumps out from the menu and whilst it wasn’t exactly relevant for us, anything that includes cheese and bacon donuts to start, a choice of platters and then a chocolate & peanut cookie sandwich for dessert sounds good and sets the tone for a progressive and appealing menu.

As we were confined by an hour lunch break we didn’t have time for two courses but managed to quickly grab some Creamy Tzatziki with Char-Grilled Flat Bread as a stop gap until lunch arrived. It was mildly spiced and delicious and held morning hunger pangs at bay until the main event arrived.

We selected something from the Less & More section that offers two sizes of each dish and the Burger section – a section it feels necessary to test at just about every food review in our minds. Look out for our burger test coming soon! Today it was Hugo’s Parmesan Chicken Burger (£10.25) described as a ‘Crisp Parmesan Chicken Fillet topped with Burger Relish, served in a Toasted Bun with Chunky Chips & Green Apple & Poppy Seed Slaw’. It was a hearty serving and bun quality, ‘slaw quality and chip quality were all good.

The Fish Tacos (more, £11.50) were a handful, but so they should be! Subtly spiced with a side of avocado, it was the perfect light tasty lunch. With the lemon squeezed and salad offsetting the spice of the Jalapenos, the three tacos were the perfect seafood delivery mechanism. I’d not gone for any sides but fortunately the size of the chicken burger meant there were a few chips offered my way.

If we’d have managed to avoid the afternoon of work then the bar is certainly conducive to turning lunch into evening drinks with a great range of beers, including the locally brewed Liberation varieties. I’d like to stay on and check out the desserts too. Suffice to say I think I’d try and come for a full meal on our next visit.

As a testament to the quality ingredients used in the menu, Hugo’s also retails a fine selection of chutney’s, jams, oils and ales. Choose from Liberation Ale Chutney, Rhubarb, Ginger and Lime Jam, Perello Olives, Nunez de Prado EV Olive Oil and more.

Halkett Street St. Helier
Reservations: 01534 724065
Open 10.00am to 11.00pm Daily
Food served 11.00am to 9.30pm Mon to Sun

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