Investing in a new and exciting business plan can be both an exhilarating and daunting procedure, whilst finding the perfect office space for a new venture can often prove a difficult task. With Honeycomb, space is of no issue – choose from a wide range of contemporary and affordable office suites located in the heart of town.

Who Are Herbalife?

Founded in 1980, Herbalife currently stands as one of the World’s leading nutritional companies and to date, Herbalife Formula 1 is the largest selling healthy meal replacement in the World – but as a brand it goes much deeper.

With a keen interest for healthy living and wellbeing, Jean-Paul Martyn took it upon himself to further pursue this passion, whilst using Wharf Street as a base to meet clients.

‘Herbalife has presented me with a great opportunity to educate myself in making better lifestyle choices, with the main aim of passing this knowledge on to as many people as possible.’

Asides from boasting the first sports nutrition range ‘tailor made’ for the 24-hour athlete, Herbalife have just launched a brand new ‘paraben and sulphate free’ SKIN range – designed to be used on any skin type with clinically proven results in just seven days!

Other products include inner nutrition merchandises, which promote healthy hearts, healthy immune systems and healthy digestion, an Aloe Vera range, various fragrances and health centred beauty products.

‘Clients are able to drop into the office where I offer wellness evaluations, discuss products and design personalised nutrition programmes – all of which are tailored to the needs and goals of each individual.’

What the future holds

‘Everyday I have someone asking what Herbalife is? What it’s about? The high volume of interest is incredible. The more people myself or the team can help to make lifestyle changes or improve their sporting performance, the better. I’m always looking for new clients to talk too and share my experiences with. The ultimate goal is to do whatever I can to help make a difference.’ 

Even though Jean-Paul’s only been involved in Herbalife for several months, the recognition he’s received for his progress is astounding.

Any challenges you’ve had to overcome along the way?

Since Jean-Paul has become a part of Herbalife, things have gone from strength to strength.

‘The Wharf Street office is really helping to increase my efficiency.’ Going from a home-office and having to travel to clients houses – to a central base with a great display of all the products for people to come to and view – has allowed me to see more clients each day and respond to a rising demand. The transition has been great and the girls at Honeycomb have been fantastic in helping me.’

Why Wharf Street?

Whether your start-up is a tech-based company or a nutritional endeavour, having an easily accessible hub in which to work from is a must. Wharf Street is just that for Jean-Paul. 

‘Wharf Street provides sizable, clean, smartly laid out and well decorated units in a central location with good facilities and good value for money. It’s exactly what I was looking for. They can be adapted to many different business needs, which is why I’d definitely recommend it to others.

‘The convenient location certainly comes in handy when coordinating lunchtime appointments – it’s suitable for everyone, including myself.’

Additional benefits to renting one of Honeycomb’s suites include the flexible lease – if needed, businesses can upgrade to a larger office without breaking their agreement. There’s also a kitchen, free online access, individual mailboxes and no service charges to contend with – an asset to brands wishing to put a precise financial plan in place. These offices are anything but four walls; they’re a community for like minded entrepreneurs.

What does your desk say about you?

‘OCD I like to be organised, neat and tidy. They say a tidy desk is the key to a tidy mind, not to mention it looks more professional. That said, it’s also an informal environment that clients feel comfortable in – nothing is too clinical.’

Is it an asset to be able to take advantage of an office space that is open 24 hours a day/seven days a week?

Absolutely, Herbalife isn’t 9-5 – five days a week, so I need an office that is accessible yet secure and grants me access at both evenings and weekends.

A day in the life of 

Jean-Paul Martyn…

Jean-Paul arrives at the office at around 9am, which is when he sets about confirming appointments for the upcoming days. He also spends an hour of his morning self educating and working on personal development skills. Other day-to-day things include overseeing and placing orders with Herbalife, responding to emails, answering any customer-related questions and generally making sure everything is in order.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I enjoy every aspect of my role; especially in knowing that I’m doing my best to make a difference to others.

Seeing the smile and joy on a client’s face when they receive great results whilst also doing something I’m passionate about is less like work and more like being part of an organisation – one that has presented me with some amazing opportunities. Herbalife has allowed me to meet some incredibly inspiring people and it’s a great global company to be a part of!

Jean-Paul encourages anyone who may be interested or intrigued about Herbalife to contact him today:

07797789650 or you can find them on facebook Herbalife – Jersey

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