The Genius Mobiky

The Genius Mobiky

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This month Gallery has invited none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger to take a break from governing California and try out this month?s test ride: the Genius Mobiky.
Here?s what he had to say about it…

I had been forewarned that this bike was ?surprisingly slow? and at first glance I thought I had a pretty good idea why. Stowed away it resembled the kind of tangled metallic mass that emerges from a car crusher, it really was that tiny ? the wheels worryingly so.  When told it was a foldaway bike my mind conjured up romantic images of the folding bikes of yesteryear, the kind of amusing and trendy transport favoured by university students nationwide and as good as normal bikes except for the hinge midway up the frame.
This however, is totally different.

Duly concerned, I began my attempt to unpack the Mobiky, which was actually very straightforward. Quick-release fittings allow easy adjustment of the telescopic seatpost and both the handlebars and pedals clonked up with ease. Pull back the bar that holds the frame up in the stowed position and you?re ready to ride.

In my eagerness to cruise off along the Californian boardwalks (although I?d imagine it would be just as much at home on the cycle path by the Gunsite) I almost lost my balance completely but it didn?t take long to acclimatise to riding the Mobiky, whose steering at first feels like that of a microscooter. However, don?t let that put you off!  Up into third gear (which I found suitable for, well, everywhere ? but then I am an internationally acclaimed bodybuilder) and this bike easily kept up to the pace of most others that were about.

Don?t be fooled into thinking that this bike is a one trick pony though ? it?s the little touches like the clever twin chain design to eliminate slack when folded, the nifty little rear mounted kick stand, the frame mounted carrying handle and disc brakes all round that let you know that this is of quality design and construction.  It is, however not for people who would rather keep a low profile, catching the eyes of almost all that passed (although this could possibly be my celebrity preceding me, who knows?).

All in all a great little bike but probably not best suited to commuting – far better for a Sunday ride, popping to the shops or just keeping in the boot of the car for whenever it takes your fancy!



he Genius Mobiky is available from
Pedal Power priced at £445.

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