We?ve got a situation

We?ve got a situation

Valentine?s Day, a perfect chance for a romantic dinner with the object of your affection, your partner, your beloved, your chosen one, your Valentine.  What could be nicer?  A delightful evening awaits?or DOES it?!  You book a restaurant, it looks lovely, ambient even, but if you?re not very careful, you could end up, sitting in total silence, staring moodily at the corner of a room, unable to even chew , let alone enjoy your pâté-on-heart-shaped-toast, while your date chokes back tears, and glares at you, in disappointment more than anger, and thinks about her ex?the one who played guitar, in a band.  Bastard.  It?s not that there is anything wrong with the restaurant, it?s rather nice, the food is quite tasty and the staff are rather charming.  So what is the problem?  You didn?t match your relationship status to your location, that?s what!  You now have what they call, a ?situation??.  To avoid this absolute horror, follow the simple guidelines below.The Relationship:

The Pre-Dump

To be very frank, you?re thinking about dumping them.  In fact, you are going to dump them.  But you?re not totally heartless; you wouldn?t do it before, or on Valentine?s Day.  I mean, what would their hot mate say, the one you?re hoping to hit on as soon as the dust settles?  You need somewhere nice enough that you don?t look cheap, but not so expensive that they get their hopes up about the relationship.

Suggested Location:

The Bar, St Helier

OK food, Sufficiently busy

A ?let?s-be-friends? atmosphereThe Relationship:

The Pepe (as in Le Pew)

You really, really, really like them.  Ohmygod you like them so much!  You cannot believe, that finally somehow they are going out with you.  You want to lavish them with expensive gifts, fly them to Paris, and tell them that you luvvvve them.  Don?t.  They will feel overwhelmed and may well think you are creepy.  In fact, if you take things too far, not only might you end up sitting in an awkward Valentine?s situation, you might get dumped.  The note you are looking to hit is ?cosy-original-chic?.

Suggested Location:

Old Court House, St Aubin

Understated & relaxed

Warm & cosy

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