Fashion & BeautyTurn back the years with Pennyfeathers

Turn back the years with Pennyfeathers

Micro-needling is undoubtedly the hottest Hollywood anti-aging facial treatment available. Brought to the attention of us mere mortals when Angelina Jolie attributed her dewy skin and fresh glow to regular sessions, the treatment works by piercing the skin causing minor damage to encourage collagen and elastin reproduction as the skin starts to heal itself.

Known as one of the best non-surgical anti-ageing treatments, we sent Laura Morel along to the capable hands of Penny Downes at Pennyfeathers beauty salon to turn back the hands of time…

It may surprise you to learn that micro-needling has been around for over 100 years, used originally to treat scars, birthmarks and hypopigmentation. In the salon, Penny uses the treatment to help a variety of skin conditions including rosacea and sun damaged skin as well as softening lines and plumping skin. A detailed consultation session is offered prior to each appointment ensure the treatment is personalized for your skin type and to produce maximum effects.

Penny offers the treatment using the UK’s number one micro-needling device, DermaPen. Instead of a roller application the DermaPen breaks the skins surface with automated needles, providing more accurate and hygienic application. Once the pen has been applied Penny covers the skin with a serum allowing the area to absorb a cocktail of vitamins.

Penny undertook an in-depth course to offer DermaPen services, learning how to administer treatments, patient selection, depth selection and after-care treatment. Through the use of DermaPen, Penny can now offer Islanders the famous LA facelift and Million Fractional Facial, which are loved by celebrities around the world.

Adding her own personal touch to the treatment, Penny applies a Japanese silk mask infused with rose water post-treatment to reduce redness and provides a relaxing hand massage whilst you recover. With needles breaking the skin over 1,300 times to a depth of up to 1.5mm, the treatment is not for the faint hearted and shouldn’t be confused with a relaxing spa procedure. Penny explains, “this is the most effective non-surgical treatment out there, but people should understand the procedure fully before committing.”

The effects of micro-needling are immediately seen and similar to sun exposure. You look a little burnt immediately after the treatment, then experience dry, flaky skin as new skin breaks through. But like a healthy dose of sun, your skin looks refreshed the next day, blemishes clear and it is noticeably more radiant and even. This brighter and healthier appearance lasts for 21 days, the full time it takes for your skin to renew. For the best results Penny recommends a course of 3 treatments over 12-21 weeks, with course effects lasting up to a year.

Launching in June, Pennyfeathers will also be offering the DR Mura Retinol Dual Phase Technoceutical Facial Peel. A non-invasive peel which can counteract the signs of ageing and skin damage using Tri Acid Complex and Glycolic acid to target skin concerns and cultivating skin health. A course of six peels is recommended over a period of 6-8 weeks to obtain the best results.


Luxury Dermapen 90 facial with Hyla Active Masque £190

Course of 3 £510

Express Dermapen 30 minutes £88 (suitable for clients who have booked a course)

Facial Peel 70 minutes £85

Course of 6 £450

*20% deposit is required on booking a treatment with all courses expiring after 6 months of purchase. Consultations are offered free of charge to discuss individual treatment plans.

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