Fashion & BeautyThe future of skin resurfacing is here

The future of skin resurfacing is here

Fibroblasting Plasma treatments are suddenly huge, with celebrities swearing by them and beauty aficionados booking up appointments in the US for months in advance. So we wanted to know more about this new miracle treatment. 

Kirsa Alberts, Owner and Director of Pure Skin at the Lido Medical Centre, is the first person to bring this state of the art treatment to Jersey. She uses the Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International which is the world’s leading, most advanced and sought-after plasma device for non-invasive soft-surgery.

This treatment is highly effective in wrinkle smoothing, eyelid tightening and eye hood reduction. It delivers rejuvenated skin; a brighter, more contoured and youthful appearance virtually immediately.


“As we age, our dermal layer thins, less collagen is produced, the elastin fibres which provide elasticity wear out and all these changes in the scaffolding of the skin cause it to wrinkle, sag, lose laxity and texture. Collagen provides significant structural support for our cells and tissues and, without effective cross-linking of the collagen fibres, our skin scaffolding loses its integrity.” explained Kirsa.

The Plasma Pen device is specifically designed to help repair, reverse and mitigate all these effects to deliver a more youthful appearance and combat the ageing process using the latest technology.

Kirsa describes the process; “The Plasma Pen passes deep through the skin and starts the skin’s wound healing process, which causes the epidermis to generate fresh new skin cells restructuring and strengthen your connective tissue and kickstarts the process of collagen production to help reduce those lines and wrinkles and underpin the structures required to plump and lift your skin.”

Your body will then produce new collagen for weeks and months after the original treatment has been performed.

Plasma Pen is the gift that keeps giving because not only does it provide immediate results but it also delivers ongoing improvements in the short, medium and long term.

Plasma Pen vs Cosmetic Surgery

No injectable anaesthetics required

No scalpels, cutting, ablation and

no scarring of the skin

No stitches and suturing required

Very low risk procedure without medical risk and potentially life changing complications

Minimal side effects and very

short downtimes

Quick and easy with rapid recovery – back to work the next day with noticeable little dots on the skin, or many clients have their treatment on a

Friday and are then confident to go to work on the Monday with the use of a little cover up product which is given as part of the treatment.

Dramatic long lasting results

(usually around three years with

many results permanent). 

Guide prices: Upper Eyelids £450-£550, Bags Under Eyes £400-£500, Crows Feet £300-£400, Lines Around Mouth £300-£500. Results last three to five years.

To book in, or for a free consultation call Kirsa at

Pure Skin on 747107.

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