Out of Africa

photography: Glen Perotte 

Models : Kyra Greif, Daisy Ogesa, Jacquee Mwakazi & Lucia Stinga

This month we’re proud to feature a local shoot of clothing designed and conceived in Jersey, but with a unique inspiration from the African heritage of the company’s founder. When local photographer, Glen Perotte saw the clothing, he was inspired to create this beautiful shoot and our amazing cover shot. We asked founder Ann Muhoro tell us more; 

“Muhoro was born from a personal challenge to bring innovative bespoke African wear to Europe, while also ensuring it’s perfectly suited for the European weather conditions. We wanted to offer something unique and extraordinary, blending cultural authenticity with practicality, and that’s how Muhoro came to life!”.

What sets Muhoro apart is a dedication to creating bespoke African wear that seamlessly fits into European weather and lifestyles. They carefully select lightweight fabrics and modify designs to ensure their creations are both visually stunning and comfortable in any season. Whether it’s a flowing dress for warmer summers or clever layering options for cooler weather, the pieces are thoughtfully adapted for the European climate without compromising on style. The garments offer uniqueness in fabric and design; “At Muhoro, there is a celebration the diversity and richness of African cultures through their designs. Collections showcase unique patterns, fabrics, and embellishments inspired by different regions; from the vibrant Ankara prints of West Africa, the elegant mud cloth of Mali, the intricate beadwork of Maasai tribes and the rich kitenge from East and Southern Africa, each piece tells a beautiful story of African heritage. The creations stand out not only for their exceptional craftsmanship but also for the cultural tales they weave”.

Muhoro is focused on longevity in its designs and fabrics; “Quality and durability are at the core of our designs. We take pride in using high-quality fabrics and paying meticulous attention to craftsmanship. Our bespoke pieces are made with precision and care, ensuring that they stand the test of time. By creating timeless and versatile designs, we promote sustainable fashion, where our garments can be cherished and worn for years to come”.

Promoting African wear for non-Africans

“Muhoro believes in the power of cultural exchange and inclusivity. We want everyone to experience the beauty and authenticity of African wear. By carefully adapting our designs to suit European weather and lifestyles, we make African fashion accessible and practical for non-Africans as well. Through our bespoke service, clients can express their individuality and style while embracing the charm of African heritage. It’s about creating a global movement where fashion becomes a bridge that connects diverse cultures and fosters appreciation for each other’s uniqueness”. The company also has a firm commitment to empowering women; “Empowering women is at the heart of Muhoro’s values. We actively collaborate with talented women artisans from different African countries, promoting economic independence, gender equality, and skills development. By championing their resilience, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit, we aim to create a positive impact within our team and the wider community. At Muhoro, we believe that fashion can be a powerful platform for empowering women and fostering a sense of pride in their cultural heritage”.

Muhoro is a fashion brand that brings the magic of cultural authenticity and practicality to the forefront. From unique fabrics and designs to a commitment to empowering women, Muhoro redefines African fashion in Europe. Through their bespoke service, they create personalized fashion experiences that celebrate diversity, promote sustainability, and inspire inclusivity. Join Muhoro on this enchanting journey as they continue to create and inspire a world where fashion is a beautiful expression of appreciation for the rich tapestry of African heritage. 

Learn more at muhoro.co.uk

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