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A product of best friends and business partners Justin Timberlake and Trace Ayala, William Rast first hit the shelves in 2005 as a casual contemporary collection and quickly spread amongst the who?s who of Hollywood and the fashion world for both the women?s and men?s collections. Ayala begn styling *NSYNC for their red-carpet events in the 1990s and when Justin went solo, he became his assistant and stylist. After 20 years of friendship, their relationship evolved into business and with a passion for fashion – the creation of their own clothing line. William is the first name of Justin?s grandfather and Rast is the last name of Ayala?s; and from this William Rast was born.

This season sees the launch of the brand?s denim collection in the UK. Harvey Nichols is the only department store in London to have exclusivity and only the top boutiques in the UK stock the brand, including Roulette Clothing in Jersey. With a mixture of authentic American style and a contemporary West Coast edge – the jeans are an absolute must-have this season.

The Look_
The collection has been dubbed as ?sassy city-slick and Southern sophistication styles fused with modern tailloring and an updated vintage feel to create an edgy, super chic fit?.

The denim collection focuses on comfort, fabric and washes, and not on fussy pockets and embellishments, with a variery of flattering styles for both men and women, it?s all about ?fit, fit, fit?. From designing around silhouttes, each style of jeans is structured in a modern way, which makes them fantastic fitting jeans which follow the latest trends. Unique stitching on the women?s denim is designed to produce a slimming fit, whilst comfortable vintage trousers are perfect for the stylish man. It?s all about beautiful raw denim.

Who?s wearing them?
A better question would be – Who isn?t wearing them? Hollywood has gone crazy over William Rast jeans, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Biel, Patrick Dempsey, Jessica
Simpson, James Denton, Penelope Cruz, JC Chasez
and Paris Hilton but to name a few.

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