Vintage clothes: A glamorised way of describing clothes from a different era and 2nd hand items. With the help of celebrity interest and increased levels of online shopping it has been boosted into the mainstream.

With a market swamped by cheap mass produced clothing today, vintage is a fashion forward for those environmentally conscious dressers wanting to spend less money on something interesting and individual to wear.

Raking through the rails at flea markets and in Charity shops is nothing to be ashamed of, in fact it creates a huge sense of achievement when you find an extremely cheap pair of designer vintage shoes in Oxfam and you know the proceeds are going towards a worthwhile cause. Often, charity shops in the most affluent areas can hold the best vintage finds, its where all the rich people dispose of their unworn designer goods; Jersey is a prime example.

Some pieces are becoming more difficult to find, and more expensive to procure, but be careful when buying vintage, there is a Fine line between looking like your gran and Sarah Jessica parker. Think of chic icons when styling yourself a la vintage and mix the old with new pieces from your wardrobe. Vintage clothes may not be everyone?s cup of tea, and not many people want to wear 5th hand shoes, but almost every design you find in the shops today has been inspired by pieces from the past, so it may be worth tackling your fear of worn in clothes.

You don?t need to travel to London or New York to search for vintage finds, Jersey boasts a large amount of charity shops for vintage clothing and designer clothes. Jersey Hospice Care are presenting their own marquee at Jersey Live this year to raise money for their charity with the help of a team of enthusiastic volunteers and support from local business. The only way to enter the garden tea party themed tent ?Cream Tease? will be through a dressing room where the public must purchase clothing  and accessories to wear. Only by participating will you be able to enjoy the tent?s exclusive entertainment from music by local DJ?s, Bands, private bar and games.

All the items you see photographed here were found at Jersey Hospice shops and will be available to buy at Jersey Live on the weekend of Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st August from ?Cream Tease?, with all proceeds going towards Jersey Hospice Care.  It?s a great excuse to dress up in some fancy attire without feeling  self -conscious – everyone will be doing it!