Fairtrade School


To receive the award JCG was required to set up Fairtrade support groups consisting of students from JCG lead by teachers Cormac Timothy and Vicky Pallot. These support groups devised an action plan for the year to raise awareness of issues and to include Fairtrade in the learning experiences of students. The students came up with a whole school Fairtrade policy, created a collage of the Fairtrade logo using recycled wrappers, gave out Fairtrade chocolate samples on the high street and spoke on local radio stations. The support groups researched Fairtrade products on sale in the Island and JCG Preparatory made an elephant sculpture, held an eco day and ran a Fairtrade egg hunt.

‘We are very proud of our achievement and were delighted we could welcome Becca Rowland to JCG on Wednesday 9th October, who is a Fairtrade campaigner from Surrey and is on the National Campaigner Committee as the South-East region representative’ commented Cormac Timothy, Assistant Head Teacher. ‘It was an excellent joint initiative which was student lead exploring many issues and enabling JCG students to play a role in tackling poverty and injustice by adjusting the consumer habits of all in the school.’


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