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Stardom is something that gets thrust upon  us as a collective aspiration from an early age. Pop stars, rock stars, sports stars; all people we get conditioned to admire and aspire to be like. For a younger generation we have YouTube stars, Twitch stars and TikTok stars. So what does it mean to be a star? 

It’s all relative I think. We feature people in each edition of Gallery showcasing a hyper-local five seconds of stardom, whether in their art, their personal achievements or their career successes. Most of what we get sent and search out for inclusion in each edition celebrates attainment in some way. In this edition we need sports stars who have overcome illness or adversity to run marathons and shooting stars who capture the island in their creative studios. We meet the collection of ladies who took part in Oliver Doran’s 40 over 40project, all of whom exude star quality in a collection of great portraits.

For our fashion section, we welcome former Harrods Fashion editor, Becky Palmano, who introduces us to the new star-worthy brands at Jersey’s latest shopping emporium, Flannels. We also have shoots that approach the idea of stardom in two ways, one inspired by rockstars and one by a star of the silver screen. We have plenty of gift ideas throughout this edition, not least the selection of star gifts from local retailers in our Christmas Gorgeous Gift Guide.

Many of those who featured in our first Gradu8 careers guides when Gallery started have climbed their respective career ladders to be the captains of industry over our lifespan. For this edition, our Gradu8 careers special introduces the next generation, all of whom emanate the starry-eyed enthusiasm of people on their way up.

As we close up shop for 2022, the fastest-moving year in history, we look forward to seeing you in 2023, finally in our new office and with some new energy. For now, I’m off to look at the winter stars from a snowy viewpoint whilst trying to squeeze in both a Home Alone and Die Hard viewing. Well, it is Christmas….


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