EditoEdito; The Sunshine Edition

Edito; The Sunshine Edition

We’ve certainly hit the nail on the head with a theme for August if July has been any sort of indication of the month ahead. As we go to print the Met Office is anticipating that the UK will be getting 35 degree heat next week. That’s hotter than the UK’s high of 34.5 degrees recorded at Heathrow last summer. As we’re the ‘warmest place in the British Isles’, you’d better get that Hawaiian Tropic ready.

With the thought of summer and Jersey’s beaches on our minds as we planned this issue, we sent photographer Robbie Dark out to get some portraits of the locals whose lives are spent in the sun, during the summer at least, as they run their beach-based businesses. Find out who’s a horse rider when they’re not in the water and who plays the ukulele on page 14. With beach life at its core, we also feature a sun-kissed shoot from local brand Island Threads, created by one of our Gallery alumni, inspired by her travels around the world. With the help of three local photographers, she gives this issue a sunny, fashion-focused disposition on page 64.

As our cover image clearly shows, we fused fashion and fun with a shoot for Island Lotto this month. The local lottery provider gives islanders the ability to enter the UK and European Lotteries and wanted to tell us about that and the good causes they support. Check out the shots in fashion from page 56 onward and read all about it in business on page 99. They’ve distributed £20,000 locally over the last two years by giving a percentage from every ticket sold to charity.

With the weather we’ve predicted this month, our travel section looks local as we consider a staycation in Jersey. I mean, it’s incredible out there at the moment. It’s hard to think of anywhere better for a sunny break than right here at home; beach days, coastal walks, bike rides and hazy sunsets. As I watched the sun set over the Five Mile Road last night with a cruise ship slowly making its way across the bay, I was thinking of the passengers looking back, checking out our amazing island. We’re truly lucky to live here – have a great summer!


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