Editoedito: The Sparkle Edition

edito: The Sparkle Edition

Cats and trolls make me sparkle.

With ‘sparkle’ as the theme, I had grand ideas this month of adorning various animals with beautiful jewellery. At one point we had a dog, a cat, two guinea pigs and a parrot. Quite the bejewelled menagerie. Sadly, for good reason, the photographer suggested it was a little ambitious.

Thankfully we managed to get one, named ‘Sassy Pants’, to play ball and act as model for us. Despite having to chase her around the studio between shots, she managed to turn it on for the camera when the perfect mix of shaking cat treats, wind machine, silver-foil-waving and finger-clicking were employed. She’s been a resident at the animal shelter for some time and is about to go to a new home so we’ll be sending across a shot for the new family album. See her in all her glory on page 56.

Despite strong social media support, the aptly name ‘Sparkle’ the boxer was potentially a bit lively to be wrapped in diamonds but had to be included. You can meet her in Pet of the Month on page 14 though. It would have been a crime not to get her in a ‘her’ themed issue somewhere.

I had fun this month replying to someone who commented on a stupid story we put on our website. You know the type, the sort of person that comments on things on the local paper’s website. Armchair warriors are everywhere these days and I feel fortunate that we have the opportunity to engage them in dialogue. I’d imagine they usually fire their monosyllabic criticism off with the satisfaction that with world will see them but they won’t get addressed. What a waste that would be. So here’s to working with all animals, trolls included. A few little scratches always make things more interesting.


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