Editoedito: Let’s get physical.

edito: Let’s get physical.

AI’m not a prolific shopper. I have my moments, but on the whole I’m more likely to be wearing an ‘I heart Jersey’ Gallery t-shirt rather than the new designer one I bought for the weekend. They’re not bad…I swapped one of those Gallery t-shirts with a bouncer to get into in a club in Reykjavik once, but that’s another story. It’s not that I don’t like shopping, I just never seem to get the time.

If the volume of parcels arriving at our office with Asos labels is anything to go by, I’m in the minority; but that’s part of the problem for modern retailers. It’s so easy to browse on your phone as you watch Netflix and order products in volume; with free returns it’s easier than taking the time to visit the High Street – which now plays second fiddle. One-click retail is missing the human element.

Last month we met with Lorie Rault who, in her role as head of the Jersey Retail Association and now as part of Jersey Business, supports and aids local retailers and promotes the benefits of shopping locally. She interviews some of our ‘rising stars’ of local retail, starting on page 12. Imogen also hit the street with photographer Holly Smith to capture images of outfits from local stores for our ‘On the High Street’ shoot this month.

Championing local products is something we do every month and have done ever since we started Gallery. We try our best to show you products from local retailers so you can view and buy locally – by visiting an actual store and talking to a real person. Now go and try it!


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