edito: The Partnership Edition

I have a nostalgic Spotify playlist of the music my Mum used to play when I was younger. I also have one of the songs my Dad played in his car. In the latter category there are songs from some obscure live album by Pet Shop Boys. I remember them singing “I’ve got the brains, you’ve got the looks,
let’s make lots of money”. I don’t think I read too much into it at the age of nine or ten but I do remember thinking that if I was going to be successful I’d need one or the other. And a partner. 

While latently considering this month’s theme ‘partnerships’ the song, ‘Opportunities’ has been running through my head. I have to admit that writing these edito columns usually results in me going down a research rabbit-hole. I therefore know way more about the band than I ever did back then. Every day is a popular culture school day. Fundamentally, that song was actually their demo and was released three times during their rise to fame. Try, try, try again and all that. Since the Pet Shop Boys are still touring in a selection of interesting hats and making music 30 odd years on, I guess the strategy and their partnership worked pretty damn well. 

Perseverance, a partner and a hat is are clearly a firm recipe for success. That’s definitely the case for partners in crime (fighting) PC Dave Bisson and our pet of the month, his canine partner Turbo. They’re a police partnership who have been working together for five years. Although not all have hats or dogs, we look at a variety of other partnerships over the coming pages. From sisters who share a passion for parties to a husband and wife that are all about wellness; from a racket-wielding sporting couple who to a motorbike wielding adventurous quad, a partnership of partnerships who will be taking on the 

Batman had Robin, Laurel had Hardy, Jay-Z has Beyonce, Ren has Stimpy. With the right like-minded person in your corner, it’s often easier to take on the world. That’s probably why us humans ultimately like to find another one we like, live in the same space as them and even make small versions of ourselves. This month’s Bridal Bible supplement, included in the edition and distributed to the wedding fairs this year, features all the considerations for people looking to seal the deal with their chosen partner and plan the biggest day of their lives. Our annual A-Z is here to help with tips to guide you. It’s going to take longer to finalise that table plan and sort the catering than you think. It’s a good job there are two of you on the executive committee.