edito: The Diamond Edition

Being married to a jeweller means that I probably know slightly more than the average man should about diamonds. Being conversant in the ‘four C’s’ is necessary when the house is littered with ‘The Jeweller’ magazine. It also meant that I had to get slightly better than average diamonds when it came to getting an engagement ring. If I could insert the bulging eye Emoji here, I would.

The humble lumps of compressed carbon we covet are, by their very nature, multi faceted. Not only does this relate to their shape or form, but also their use. This month we met a group of islanders who deal with diamonds because of their beauty; our local jewellers (pg.16) and a couple who use them for

their strength – whether on a building site or in your mouth. Meet two very di erent drillers on page 30. Our theme of ‘diamond’ also extended in our agenda business section this month when we sent Julia to interview Je Chinn of Hettich Jewellers to discuss chain stores, about carats, certi cation and competition. With Diamonds are Forever as their telephone hold-music and past generations of Chinn providing the island with the best in class, it’s clear that gemology is in the genealogy for this family (pg.128).

As we had so many enquiries for our regular ‘Sportsperson of the Month’ feature, we decided to do a full shoot on some of our up-and-coming island sporting stars; the diamonds of Jersey’s sport scene, if you will. Meet them on page 24. We also have the bumper Winter Edition of our graduate and intern employment special, highlighting some of the rising stars of the business world. Learn about their working days, advice for job seekers and what they wanted to be when they were eight years old, from page 145 onwards.

The people mentioned above are just a handful of those who see yourselves featured in this edition of Gallery. It really is a good one. As you ick through, count them up. I just did. If you include people pro les, the social butter ies and contributors then this Winter Edition incorporates 725 of you. There may be a few duplicates in Halloween make-up in the paparazzi section (pg.178) but it’s an easy 700 plus. If each of those who see yourselves in this edition of Gallery know 50 people, that means just about every islander knows someone in Gallery.

I guess that’s what keeps us relevant. There’s a marketing strap-line we’ve joked about in the o ce since we rst used it; ‘We are you, you are Gallery’ – ‘it is the same’. You’d have to watch the Bros Before Marios edition of Super Cafe (link below) to see where it came from but it really does seem pretty accurate. Gallery is you guys and you’re all superheros in our book. Thank you, everyone; you make us what we are.

Have a great Christmas and we’ll you see in 2019.