Editoedito: The Award-Winning Edition

edito: The Award-Winning Edition

Today is the 166th time* I’ve sat staring at the screen deciding whether to go with a ‘here’s what’s in the issue’ angle or a ‘have a rant about something irrelevant’ angle. This little edito section was never really about me, but simply a way to introduce our first Gallery edition on that fateful day fifteen years ago.

Fifteen years. As a convicted felon in some US drama would say, it’s time. Every year has passed at an increasingly rapid rate too; I see children that helped distribute the early editions of Gallery smashing it as lawyers these days. At fifteen it’s a coming-of-age of sorts. Our baby magazine, born in a dodgy first floor room with no heating in David Place, has reached those troubled mid-teenage years. It’s time to go drinking in parks, try to get into clubs and wearing totally inappropriate clothing to Weekender. Oh, and be sensible enough to carry on with life.

Walking the line of being engaging and relevant is always a challenge, particularly at the grand old age of 15. Ultimately the responsibility falls to you. The number of people that would rather forget being in the pages at the back as they start to see themselves in the corporate event pages at the front grows year on year, which is pretty funny really. Growing up happens. But as long as we’re a reflection of you, it’s all good with us.

This edition is titled ‘Award-winning’ and Gallery has been lucky enough to get a few over the years. Sadly the CIM Awards and Enterprise Awards are both in hiatus at the moment (although the former might return soon) but we do love supporting the Jersey Style Awards.

Rather than dwell too much on our achievements, we’ve therefore reflected on you with this edition (and your dogs) instead. Our ‘Dog of the Year’ competition (pg.14) went nothing short of nuts last month and it’s great to see your four-legged friend in all their glory. They’re the winners this month, we’re just a little older.


*Missed just the one. Russ had my back while I was away in 2014.

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