EditoA design for life. 

A design for life. 

We promoted and ran a Student Art Awards for many years but it fizzled out before lockdown. I miss it. It’s therefore a pleasure to be adding a category to CCA International’s Summer Exhibition this year. The landscapes award is great and everything but…. well.

We’d love to see more work from the graphic arts represented at the exhibition and have contributed a prize fund of £500 to be split between two winners, one from the graphic design world and one from the world of illustration. If you’re a designer or illustrator, whether amateur or professional, who has a design concept or illustration you’re proud of, why not enter and come along to the exhibition for a beer. Bring a friend. 

This month we meet the island’s graffiti artists (pg. 32); people who take their design into the public realm. It’s an area that’s been getting more support from building owners and the states of late and we’re all for it.  In a bumper culture section we also take a look at the Jersey Opera House through the lens of photographer Dasa Wharton and talk to the team there about their plans for the space (pg.26). We also learn about plans for a new community and indoor skate space in St Ouen(pg.124).

Our Gradu8 supplement in this edition is a big one, with inspiring profiles of the new generation of young professionals (pg. 78). Some of them even got involved in our fashion shoot, with the staff at Crestbridge modelled for us as part of a takeover shoot concept (pg. 48).  

We’ll be fully into Spring by the time this edition hits stands and hopefully spending more time outdoors, with longer evenings and lighter skies. If you’re looking to fix up your garden or balcony, check out our edit of items to spruce up outdoor spaces (pg. 116) and learn about the life of someone who spends their life styling landscapes (pg. 114). 

Enjoy your spring evenings. See you in the summer.


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