Welcome to November! I know; hard to believe.

A male on the cover traditionally designates our winter, masculine-friendly edition. It also means that as you’re reading this we’re already working on our last Gallery edition of the year. I swear each year disappears more quickly than the last.

As I mentioned in this little nib last month, we recently passed through our fifteenth birthday recently and this month we’ve taken the opportunity to catch up with some of our Gallery alumni. It’s never been a big team, but it’s had its moments. We meet eight ex-galleryers and see what they’ve done since their lives became filled with deadlines, dodgy delivery cars and dwarves.

I’m never 100% sure whether we’re appealing to our male shopper-readers or their Christmas present buying partners when we run our November shoots; hopefully both. Our models this year are members of the new Jersey Bulls football team, who took a break from their match-winning schedule and allowed us to coax them into the studio to model this season’s winter looks from Roulette, fur-lined hoods and all.

Even though it’s not even Christmas party season yet, we’ve got a load of events covered this month, including some shots from the great ‘Dreams at De Gruchy’ event we hosted with De Gruchy last month. It’s just a selection as an envelope of over 100 polaroids turned up at our Gallery office after the event and sadly we couldn’t include you all! But thanks to everyone that made it down and got involved.