Following my education at Victoria College, where my interests lay primarily in traditional portrait painting, I went on to study Fine Art at University College Falmouth. My tutors quickly spotted a spatial quality in my work and encouraged me to experiment with sculpture. Since then I haven?t looked back. I now work almost exclusively in 3D and have experimented with all sorts of materials and processes. I have become interested in the use of found objects in art; how simple, everyday forms can be loaded with cultural significance and meaning. In my work I attempt to manipulate this meaning through material processes and formal experimentation. This particular piece, entitled ?Digital Epitaph?, deals with our relationship with language in the 21st century. Television and computers have begun to shape our cultural reality, leaving the printed word to become an antiquity. I have produced a plaque to commemorate this pivotal moment in time and culture where we stand with one foot in the old world and one planted in a new digital age. Last November I exhibited my work, along with 6 other Falmouth students, at Centrespace Gallery in Bristol. We did all the fundraising ourselves and organized and curated the exhibition independently from our course. The whole experience and the feedback I received afterwards has been invaluable in my development as an artist. I have also had work shown in several exhibitions in Falmouth itself, where I am currently in my second year of study. Next year I will be applying to the Royal College of Art to study an MA in sculpture.