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Ballet d’Jerri’s upcoming program, Metamorphosis, will showcase two world premieres by choreographers Tess Voelker and Katarzyna Kozielska.  The themes in the new works inadvertently mirror the young company’s journey, reflecting the courage and dedication it takes to step into a new phase of artistic expression, embracing the evolution of our craft and delving into the profundity of personal growth.  

Kozielska’s piece, Anatomy of Change, tells ‘an abstract tale of self-actualization and the transformative process of reaching a new stage in life’. With Kozielska’s signature emotive style, the story unfolds not as events in a timeline, but as the intimate and unseen milestones of a private journey.  The visual above, produced by photographer Danny Evans, articulates that mood for sure.

Voelker’s creation, Sand and Their Castles, invites us to reflect on the delicate yet resilient nature of memory. At just only 26 years old, Voelker explores the weight of time and the pursuit of recapturing the purity of youth. Through her poignant physical rhetoric, she takes us on a trip backward through time, ‘chasing the child that resides within, reminding us of the untainted emotions that once defined our existence’. Sand and Their Castles is an exploration of the mind’s fragility and strength inherent in the memories that shape us.

Join Ballet d’Jerri as they bring to life these two compelling world premieres, celebrating the artistry and vision of these two exceptional choreographers.

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