The Genuine Articles; Victoria Liddell

Victoria Liddell


Victoria was inspired to design and make her own silver jewellery after travelling across the world. Now back in Jersey, where she was born, Victoria is turning her hobby into a successful small business.

Victoria makes fine silver pendents inspired by nature and loves to use freshwater pearls and natural gemstones in her designs. All of the jewellery is designed and handmade by her.

When travelling with her husband in 2010 she was inspired by beautiful handmade jewellery in New Zealand, which led to her passion. Once back in the UK she took an intensive jewellery making course at The London Jewellery School to learn the basics.

After posting some pictures of her jewellery on Facebook and getting a great response she started to do Craft Markets every week and her confidence grew from there resulting in her turning her hobby into her dream job.

Victoria’s work can be found at The Harbour Gallery in St Aubin, on Victoria’s website: and on