Peter Thompson

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Local artist Peter Thomson has recently returned to the island after completing a bachelor of science, first class honours degree in Textile design for Fashion and Interiors at Huddersfield University. He will be exhibiting a selection of prints and textiles made while studying at Univeristy called ?Sample? at the Jersey Pottery in Whitespace this month. The opening night is the 18th February, 6pm till 8pm, and after that the exhibition is open to the public for approximately 2 weeks finishing on 29th February.


?During my time at university, I challenged myself to keep my work as original and fresh as possible, from each module to the next. Thanks to this there is a good juxtaposition of design content, fabric, paper pieces, colour and technique. Substrates used, were heat transferable dyes, manutex dyestuffs, oil paint, foils, tissue and inks.  Textiles were produced using CAD design then digital printing onto various textiles such as wool, cotton silk and polyester silks. Some textiles were then printed onto using opaque dyes and metallic.  Subjects that inspired me have been driven from both light and dark places.?

The exhibit will include pieces from various modules of his studies including print which he specialised in.  We look forward to seeing his original themed work ?winter garden?, ?stone the crows? and ?the frivolity of Buddha?.