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This month our culture curator Cloe spoke to four local up and coming photographers to find out a little about their work focus.

Molly Warren

I am Molly Caenwyn and am a photographic practitioner and current MA Photographic History student. Photography for me has always been an artistic practise. In school, I found myself surrounded by passionate and talented artists and initially headed to university with the intention of studying fine art to become an art teacher. I had always incorporated photography into my art and ended up studying a BA in Photography at The Arts University of Bournemouth.

I am very interested in photography and society as an artist and historian. For a long time, I have been interested in exploring social norms and conventions in my work. Feminism and Julia Kristeva’s concept of the Abject are frameworks I draw upon when looking at the ‘grotesque’ body. For example, in both Hair and Girl Flu, I explored gendered constructs and attitudes towards the body. I looked at body hair and then advertising culture around menstrual blood. I am also incredibly interested in Eroticism in photography and am currently reading works by George Bataille, Marquis de Sade and Angela Carter.

I also examine the photograph as a physical object. I work a lot in the Cyanotype photographic process and experiment by physically manipulating the chemistry to create individual photographic pieces. I work a lot in analogue photography and develop all my black and white film in Caffenol. This is a home-made developing solution made of instant coffee, vitamin C powder and soda crystals. I find this alternative way of processing film gives my images a dirty, high contrast which I adore. Developing at home also can lead to many ‘ruined’ films. This chance and unpredictability of developing is what I love so much about Caffenol and produces some very interesting imagery.

I try draw research and inspiration from anywhere I can find it but it is other creatives that I find the most inspiring. Regardless of practise, surrounding yourself with creative people and working with them is so important. Helping, supporting but also challenging one and other is critical in developing your own art practise.


Callum Thorn

I always admired my Dad’s film cameras at a young age, along with the vintage style portraits he’d taken, it got me thinking about what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be. It wasn’t until about 15 years of age that I actually worked that out and picked up my first digital camera.

Influenced by my Dad’s previous work, I began experimenting with portraiture, which taught me a lot about shot composition, intrigued by this area of Photography, I expanded into Landscapes and would spend many summer evenings out with my Dad observing how he would capture a landscape, and overtime I would begin creating my own imagery based on my observations.

The more evenings I would venture out, the more I got thinking about capturing these special moments in a different way, as they happened, to get a feel for the motion and textures of the visuals you are capturing. I will always have myself in mind when capturing anything, as I want my audience to experience what I’m feeling in that very second; that rush of andreline; those emotions I’m experiencing, all to capture the perfect shot that they can relate to when it is presented on screen. From this I began exploring the idea of a moving image and turned to Videography.

Graduating in Television Production at Bournemouth University in 2014 and then landing a job at a local broadcast production company, I learnt my craft as a cameraman, which later made me decide to start up my own Freelance Business as a Videographer and Photographer. I now create short films, commercials and provide photography coverage for a number of local businesses. Today I continue to work with a number of clients in an area that I’m extremely passionate about and a job I will love indefinitely.


White Saige Photography

I am a mumma to two young gorgeous children who have been my inspiration, helped me grow as a photographer and driven me to create my photography business.

I am a natural light, family lifestyle photographer. Which means I can photograph you and your family in the comfort of your own home or on a Jersey location that means something to you. I photograph lifestyle, maternity or newborn and can’t get enough of the lovely, varied families that I meet.

I studied photography at Hautlieu for A level and then self taught thereafter. I am stepping into the photography community fresh faced as I only set up my business at the end of 2017. I am of course hoping it will grow in the upcoming years with a little love and nurture.

I absolutely love working with families because I love that I can capture candid moments for them that last a life time. These days everyone is taking photos on their phones, but what happens with a lot of mums is that they forget to get in-front of the camera themselves. There is always an excuse of weight, too shy or just never get round to doing it. As a mum my self I am totally guilty of this! I think that it is so important for children to be able to look back on those treasured photos that have their parents in them. I love that I can create that for them, how great is that!?


Holly Smith 

I’m a local lifestyle photographer with a growing passion for food and drink photography. There is something really exciting about the way you can play with colour and styling and probably just because I like to eat a lot too.

I love to play with natural light and capture candid moments between people so portraiture has always been an interest of mine. At university I loved documentary photography and I think this has helped me to develop a style that mixes commercial with a natural feel to it.

I’ve recently been on quite a few adventures including a road trip around New Zealand where I was lucky enough to photograph some beautiful weddings and work for various restaurants capturing their new menus. Now I’m back in Jersey, my aim is to build on my portfolio and work with some really cool local businesses to bring their brand and ideas to life. I’ve also got a summer full of weddings which I’m really excited about. I love working with people and meeting other photographers too and I’m constantly inspired by the work being created here.

For me there is nothing better than collaborating on a project with other creatives and I feel lucky all the time that I can have a job like this. I’m just happiest creating and photography allows me to do that. A massive dream of mine is to photograph for a cookbook so that’s something I’m looking to make happen one day! Any chefs out there want to collaborate?

Instagram: hollylouisesmithphoto

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