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Cameron Aird is a local drone enthusiast who dropped us an email last month and told us about his passion for taking images from the sky. There are quite a few very skilled local pilots in Jersey now but with regulations in place and restrictions on their use, we’ve shied away from presenting some of the amazing shots we’ve seen and been sent before. We’ve even been to fly drones with the great bunch of local guys who shun a digital entertainment option in favour of using their crafts to capture images of our island and the world beyond.

Cameron is 17 Years old and currently studying Media at Highlands College. He’s been a huge enthusiast for drone photography for a little over a year now and told us ‘I think Aerial Photography helps see different perspectives on locations and special places around the island which you can’t see from the ground’. It’s this kind of pursuit and standpoint that made us want to feature his work this month. He went on to say; “It’s most definitely the future of photography and I believe it can help with many other aspects of work, saving people’s lives and creating true art”. Cameron obviously isn’t any kind of commercial operation, just a guy that likes to see from the sky, having “experienced such beauty with the drone”. Over his time shooting with DJI Phantom 3 Professional he tells us he’s been astounded by the quality with its stunning 4K camera shooting stills at 12 mega pixels, the object of his photographic affection has given him a new perspective on photography. As his skills progress, no doubt he’ll pursue this area, as he tells us “Your Imagination Is Your Limit”.

Are you pretty fly?

We’d love to profile more professional and amatuer local pilots in future editions. If you’re in control of an eye in the sky, send us your favourite shot and a description of why you love it to 

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