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Falle for the Royal Academy

Local artist Matt Falle that has had a painting of his, Flat Block, accepted into the Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition in London 2018. The oil on wood panel is not of your usual Jersey scene, but a flat scene of La Marrais flats. It will be exhibited from 8th June for the Buyer’s Preview, with the official opening on 12 June.
The RA Summer Exhibition, is a world-famous contemporary art show which draws together works by Internationally renowned artists, exciting new talent and first time exhibitors. Matt’s been invited over for the ‘Varnishing Day’ event, a traditional preview event for the artists, and the painting will be exhibited from the 12 June at the Royal Academy in Piccadilly. He says;
“With Le Marrais flats, I see them regularly and there is something inspiring about them to me. I’ve often been inspired by window patterns in buildings and these are a great example of that. My work is also influenced by the process of printing and I saw the flats as a simple print picture – although I paint most of my pictures which look like prints. I like simplicity in my pictures, but there is more to it, each black window can represent a person and activity that inhabits that space”.
Previously Matt entered the RA summer show before, where his painting ‘Dog Walkers’ was shortlisted. In the past he’s also exhibited in the UK, France and Jersey, where he exhibited his paintings of Madagascar in association with Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.
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