Ben Robertson

I have been drawing since I can remember.  Art has always been my one true passion. During lessons at school I would draw from my overflowing imagination. I?m definitely a creative person. I have been at the University of Wolverhampton for two years now and wanted to see my drawings move which made me become interested in animation. There?s a huge world of animation to explore, it sucks you in – big time.

Whenever I draw something now, in whatever medium, I wonder if it can be animated somehow. Whether I?m watching the world go by or I?m getting out of the shower and drawing on the steamed up mirror.  After working on 5 seconds of animation, which would take about 4 to 5 full days of drawing, it is an amazing, fulfilling experience to see your drawings finally move.

The process of animation can be tedious and time consuming so you have to be patient, but the result at the end is incredible and seeing people?s reactions is always good – you need a bit of constructive criticism sometimes.