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Beaulieu Exam Work

As much as you probably wouldn’t believe it at the time, your mid-teens are the time of your life. Yes, there are school exams and heartache, but the chance to flex your creativity in artistic and creative pursuits is something people spend their lives trying to get back to in ‘free’ time as they commit to life and a career. It’s great to see the fruits of that creative labour from the island’s students.

The latest Beaulieu school newsletter showcased the work of the Year 11 and Year 13 Art and textiles exam students, and we thought it was worth a gallery. It’s clear there were some tough subject matters posed, but the skills shown in the creative delivery are exceptional. It’s the holidays as we go to print, so we weren’t able to get details from the school to label the names of the artists, but well done to all of you!

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