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Last month we were excited to support local grass roots art as media partner for the Le Masurier ‘Blank Canvas’ art comeptiton. Art students from all local schools, facilitated by the JCG Foundation, had the opportunity to take part in a unique competition to provide the new Le Masurier Headquarters with artwork inspired by an eclectic mix of styles. Cash prizes were awarded to help the winning students and schools continue with their passion for art.

Both the Le Masurier team and JCG Foundation welcomed us, along with fantastic Jersey-based artist Jason Butler, to the judging panel and to mentor the winning students as they now begin to work on up-scaling their winning concept pieces. The Le Masurier team look forward to visiting the winning schools Hautlieu, Highlands and Haute Vallee to present the prizes at an assembly to congratulate the winners and runners up and use Blank Canvas as an opportunity to inspire Jersey art students.

‘We were delighted by the number of entries, which it was noted by the judges all had merit, and can be enjoyed by visiting The judges were impressed with the level of thought, time and effort that had been taken by all the students who entered,’ explained Brian McCarthy, MD, Le Masurier. ‘We would like to take this opportunity to thank Gallery Magazine and Jason Butler for joining the Le Masurier judging team. Thank you to Tim Barnet, Head of Art from JCG for helping us create the artist brief and Rachel Baxter for ensuring all had the opportunity to take part in the Le Masurier Blank Canvas competition. Thank you also to all the teachers for encouraging their students to enter and take the time to create such exceptional and thought provoking work.’

The winning artists will be invited to visit Jason Butler in his studio for some hints and tips of how to recreate their work on the large scale that is required. We’ll be helping the students who have chosen a digital medium to help them scale up the work and choose material for their final pieces. It was fantastic to see how digital was used as a platform and we very much look forward to meeting the winning artists and helping them now scale up their winning concepts. Well done to everyone who entered.  

Le Masurier will work with the schools to provide the large canvases or other mediums required as dictated by the work and look to organise an unveiling event of all 3 pieces when they are displayed at Le Masurier HQ in the Spring. The team very much hope the students enjoy bringing their winning Blank Canvas concepts to life. All students that took part will be receiving a certificate to be presented at assemblies to celebrate taking part and their talent!

‘I was delighted when Le Masurier approached me to help with judging this unique competition to engage local art students and schools. We were all very impressed with the myriad of entries using both digital and paint as a medium.’ I very much look forward to congratulating the winners and meeting them when they visit my studio as they work on their winning pieces. Really great work and great to see local businesses encouraging artistic talent locally,’ commented Jason Butler.









Blank Canvas Winners

Category One: Le Masurier Today – (This piece will be displayed in the Board Room)

WINNER (£1K – £500 for Student/£500 for School)

Stanley James Lucas – Age 16, Hautlieu

Digital Piece Entitled – Wealth is earned by Work of Hands

RUNNER UP (£200 for student)

Diogo Edgar Freitas Alveau, Age 16, Highlands

Drawn Piece Entitled – A modern Society

(Diogo has also been invited to visit Jason Butler in his studio to talk through his design which Le Masurier would like to be recreated to be displayed at their Headquarters.)


Category Two: Le Masurier Heritage – (This piece will be displayed in the Meeting Room)

WINNER (£1K – £500 for student/£500 for School)

Natalia Rog, Age 16, Hautlieu

Painted Piece Entitled – Bottle Buildings

RUNNER UP (£200 for Student)

Letizia Gouveia, Age 13, Haute Vallee

Painted Piece Entitled –

Le Masurier Heritage


Category Three: Le Masurier Community Engagement (This piece will be displayed in Reception)

WINNER ( £1K – £500 for Student, £500 for School)

Kali Lewis, Age 16, Hautlieu

Digital Piece Entitled – People, Partner, Planet

RUNNER UP (£200 for Student)

Emma Le Galle, Age 16, Hautlieu

Painted Piece Entitled – The Handshake

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