Norah Bryan

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This month sees an opportunity to enjoy an exhibition of paintings by local artist Norah Bryan. This will be her fourth solo exhibition following three successful ones and shared group exhibitions in London, Jersey and New Zealand.

Probably most well known for her work as a picture restorer and conservator of works of art, her change of course into painting has made her equally as well known. Norah has experience in many branches of art, having studied on the Arts Council, becoming a founding member of the Public Sculpture Trust, and been commissioned to produce a stamp issue to celebrate trees for life and also the cover of the Jersey telephone directory.

She dislikes a lot of the nonsense and media hype about contemporary painting and does not subscribe to any particular theories, but tries to express the beauty and interest in everyday objects and subjects. Travelling frequently, she always carries watercolours and pastel but uses oil colours in the studio, where spills and splashes are not so important. She still finds it difficult to welcome the restrictions of working in other artists? brush strokes and if necessary using minute quantities of paint;  squeezing large amount of colour onto the palette and painting in a more exuberant fashion is something that still has to be overcome. The exhibition is a great opportunity to see a wide range of art mediums from a well known and popular Jersey artist.

Place: White Space Gallery, Jersey Pottery
Date: 14th ? 24th April 2008
Private View: Monday 14th April @ 5.30pm

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