The Prime Minister has revealed his new baby daughter has an unusual sleeping place at Downing Street – in a cardboard box. David Cameron said Florence, who was born during a family holiday in Cornwall, was given the makeshift crib by her older sister.
“Nancy made her a cardboard box when we were  in Cornwall as we didn’t have a cot and decorated it and she’s still in the cardboard box,” he told The Daily Telegraph.“She’ll be able to say I was brought up in Downing Street in a cardboard box.” The Prime Minister described baby Florence as “wonderful and quite well behaved”. He added: “She eats and sleeps mostly at the relevant time and she’s been a delight. “The other children (six year-old Nancy, and four year-old Elwen) adore her and pander to her like mad.” Mr Cameron also described how his wife Samantha and their children had got used to living in Downing Street. “Samantha has done an amazing job, incredibly quickly, to make it like a family home and the children have adjusted well,” he said. “It’s odd living above the shop but it has its advantages, you get to see more of the children. “I’ve been able to pop up at lunchtime and help. I’m sure as pressures mount that will get more difficult.” Mr Cameron also revealed he was able to show his father Ian around Chequers shortly before he died.